United States Clamps Down on Iranian Hackers Over Election Interference


    The US has charged two Iranian hackers with trying to interfere with the presidential election results in the year 2020. It wasn’t certain what the duo did.

    However, according to reports, they sent content that threatened the right to vote of the American masses by sending scare-crow messages to them. 

    According to security agencies, the two hackers attempted to threaten Democrat voters at their respective grassroots levels to cajole them into voting for the Republican side.

    Residents of America who got the messages would recall they were threatened with bodily violence that would sway their minds from voting for a candidate of their choice. This message was said to have been sent by a group of hackers called “Proud Boys.” 

    What the American government would do to these nefarious beings

    Lost in time immemorial, the American government has always been about the people’s trust in the government. This is why trust in the voting process cannot be compromised.

    Taking up the charge against the two Iranian hackers was a move to convince Americans the present administration is an equitable, responsible one. 

    On Thursday, the charges against hackers Seyyed Mohammed Hossein Musa Kazemi and Sajjad Kashian were unsealed in the federal court in Manhattan. The government intends to sanction these two men and the organizations they work for. 

    In the words of Mr. Blinken, this move by the federal government means state actors who subscribed to this event at the time will face sanctions from the long hands of the law. 

    The Iranian perspective

    The government of Iran has yet to respond to this report. Given how the foreign policy between Iran and America has been over the years, it is no surprise to average Americans that the Iranian government had no comments about what their citizens did wrong.

    However, at the moment, the two hackers are not in America. Yet, the American government is working assiduously to ensure their travel plans from Iran are embargoed upon. 

    America is a wide mass of land that contains numerous people. The diversity of the people is why they pay rapt attention to what the media dishes out to them.

    Now, with the recent development that tracked down the two Iranian hackers interfering in last year’s election, there is enough proof that (other than current and original stories from trusted media) one of the cankerworms is eating deep into American society.

    These cankerworms are using foreign misinformation campaigns that are mostly run at the statewide level. The American government is currently working on the present report because they were privy to finding out about the Iranian hackers’ nuisance.

    There are other miscreants still walking the streets of America. How does the government intend to clamp down on them?


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