Presidential Support Polls Spell Bad Times for Biden


    There is a cliche that says, uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. Well, it appears in the last couple of months, the uneasiness hovering around President Joe Biden’s head has intensified immensely.

    Americans are known to be politically conscious about the implementation of specific policies by the government. Rather than parochially accepting, they have once again voiced out their disdain for the incessant spending intentions of Biden. 

    Polls Show Decline in Support for Biden

    Poll results are part of how the American government gets to hear what Americans feel concerning specific policies. While Biden is trying to be more involved with people’s affairs, 52% of people polled by Gallup hinted Americans want less government involvement.

    Two notable times Americans wanted more government involvement in their affairs are the 9/11 incident and the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Before the lockdown, Americans had a wide pool of support for former President Trump. 

    The decline in the level of interest in Biden’s policies shows he has not done a great job in maintaining his supporters. While the Republicans were against federal involvement, almost all American political camps show their lack of interest in Biden’s proposals. 

    As of 2020, 56% of Independents wanted the government to be more involved in federal programs. According to Gallup’s poll, much cannot be said of that statistic in recent times, with an 18% decline in support. 

    Everyone knows in a typical political environment, the government loses support in one way or the other, due to implementation processes set in place. In the case of Biden, it has become more worrisome because of the level of supporters he lost in the last nine months, due to his policy proposals. 

    Polls Are Indicative of the Minds of Americans

    Almost all Americans have something to say about Biden’s policy implementation plans. However, in recent times, their level of support rescinded immensely. The statistics after the pandemic further corroborates the evidence of this. 

    A central point of discourse very recently is with the Build Back Better proposal. More Americans want less tax payments and government programs.

    This brings to mind one of the many records Trump set during his tenure. He recorded one of the biggest corporate tax cuts in the nation; for glaring reasons, the higher tax cost by Biden is making him lose a larger percentage of his supporters. 

    The current statistics show Biden has no real supporters for his policy proposals. The White House and a large percentage of Democrats indicate the substantial decline in his support base. 

    The media has tried to make right what seems wrong about the $3.5 trillion proposal. Despite this, Americans are choosing not to see an iota of good in his policy plans.

    At the current moment, it seems crystal clear what the American populace wants. However, would President Biden be able to change the minds of the electorates in the coming months? 


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