The Democrat Ideology, Featuring Jen Psaki: A Tale of Tears and Emotions


    Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, broke down in tears when discussing how “cruel” it is that Republicans are unwilling to allow individuals to mutilate infants in the name of “gender affirmation.” 

    Despite this, she was unable to describe why it was cruel. Democrats appear to believe sentiments are more significant than everything else, which is the case.

    Political Games

    “It is not a picture of the country to oppose LGBTQ+ groups when politicians play political games and pass severe and brutal legislation, as we are witnessing in some areas like Florida,” Psaki explained.

    “That does not appear to be the case based on the data.”

    That is, of course, incorrect.

    The legislation in Florida, which prohibits school instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity for pupils in third grade and below, received overwhelmingly positive responses from voters across the political spectrum, both in Florida and nationwide. 

    When it comes to the rules that prohibit the irreversible pharmacological and surgical operations she believes should be advocated for gender-dysphoric youngsters, Psaki is also mistaken.

    Only 29 percent of those polled favor making or maintaining the legality of such procedures on youngsters, with 44 percent against it.

    When it comes to Psaki’s assertion that this is “an attempt to win a cultural war,” she is absolutely correct.

    An effort to win a media war that Democrats launched by saying gender-dysphoric youngsters should undergo permanent chemical and surgical modifications in the name of “gender affirmation” is underway. 

    Emotions, Not Facts

    Preventing physicians from injecting hormone blockers into 10-year-old children is only a culture war issue because Democrats decided to make it one in the first place.

    For everyone else, it’s just plain common sense; preventing child abuse is something that everyone should do.

    Psaki broke down in tears after claiming Republicans were being “harsh” and “cruel” to “kids who are harassed.”

    She claimed, “all these leaders are taking measures to hurt them, hurt their lifestyles, and hurt their family members.”

    Nothing but tears are provided as evidence of how these laws damage children, and we are all expected to accept this as if it were an argument, in and of itself.

    In this case, we’re talking about rules that protect youngsters from mutilation and chemical modifications, such as those caused by surgery or puberty-blocking medications.

    The fact these treatments are carried out with good intentions does not make them less risky or irrevocable. Child abuse is prevented by regulations prohibiting such conduct. Psaki is pleading with the government to uphold them.

    The tears may help Psaki establish herself as a progressive voice when she takes over as a host on MSNBC, but that is all they are good for. They are not assisting children in any way.


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