The Current Inflation Figures Will Make You Turn Against Democrats


    People in the United States are struggling to find how to make ends meet in the current economic climate, especially as the Christmas shopping season gets underway.

    The distribution network issue has made it impossible to get several commodities, especially ones frequently purchased as gifts for Christmas, such as electronics.

    However, the surge in inflation the country is currently experiencing is causing the most pain to the middle class. As observed, previous reports have given negative news, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average reaching or exceeding record highs.

    Consumer inflation reached a 13-year high in September, driven mostly by increases in the price of gasoline and food items. In July, producer price inflation hit 7.8 percent, the highest level on record for the country.

    That was, after all, the highest ever recorded until today. After the release of the October report, it was revealed producer price inflation increased to 8.6 percent year-on-year, setting a new record high.

    The Entire System is Out of Control

    Producer price inflation directly impacts the expenses that consumers pay and the situation is becoming worse all the time. If the cost of raw materials continues to rise at its current pace, the inflationary surge will simply extend all the way to the end of the line.

    Nothing about this appears to be temporary or transitory, as the Biden administration has incessantly claimed. Instead, it appears the system is out of control, fueled by an excessive amount of “fake money” being poured into the economy.

    This is happening at the hands of an administration that doesn’t seem to care how much harm it is causing to the general public.

    In addition, 13 Republicans just voted with Democrats to support another trillion-dollar spending measure, which will only aggravate the situation more.

    Supply Network Constraints

    Do we really need to be concerned when we have Pete Buttigieg? This is a person whose shortcomings as Transportation Secretary have contributed to escalating the supply chain bottleneck, as he is riffing on racist highway bridges.

    This government is a farce and a particularly spiteful one at that. Some hope Biden might give the green light to Keystone XL; Americans want him to lift the moratorium on federal oil and gas leases as early as tomorrow, providing some relief to Americans.

    His refusal to do so is due to his lack of interest. The so-called “empathizer-in-chief” is not, in fact, empathic in any regard. Biden is a greedy, self-absorbed, old guy who would rather have people hurt so he may leave a “legacy” as an influential character who can alter society.

    It’s not hopeless, though; there is a remedy. Immediately cease voting for Democrats who’ve already intentionally chosen to place the country in this precarious position. It’s actually not that tough to understand the notion in its entirety.


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