Suburban Voters Could Dump Democrats for GOP Over Anti-Parent Signals


    As Election Day in Virginia gets closer, things are beginning to unfold. There’s a chance a significant voting bloc will dump the Democrat Party for the GOP over actions of both parties concerning parents and schools.

    Suburban voters have been vital for Democrats in recent elections. Democrats made massive gains on this major voting bloc in 2018 and 2020. However, things might change very soon, as the party risks losing their key votes in the November gubernatorial election and midterm elections.

    Democrats vs. Republicans on School Policies

    The GOP candidate in Virginia centered his campaign around schools and education. He vowed to always stand for parents and their children in schools. Glenn Youngkin might be reeling in suburban voters with a campaign trail like this, especially suburban women who care about their children.

    Besides, Youngkin and his party have accused Democrat Terry McAuliffe of not caring about parents and their kids. Moreover, McAuliffe struggles to refute this accusation. In light of this, a race some called ‘one-sided’ has now become very close, as nobody can predict who will emerge victorious in the polls.

    Glen Bolger, a Republican pollster, once said Terry McAuliffe and teachers’ unions are taking a dismissive approach to parental input on what schools are teaching their kids.

    He noted the issue isn’t only about critical race theory; they also say parents can’t have a voice in their children’s education.

    While Youngkin has a reputation for championing parents’ choice and inclusion, McAuliffe seems to be different. Besides, during a debate in September, McAuliffe corroborated the notion he doesn’t want parents to have a say in what schools teach kids.

    By so doing, McAuliffe handed Youngkin a sweet gift; Youngkin’s team took advantage of that by turning McAuliffe’s speech into an ad.

    McAuliffe has been on the defensive from that moment onward, while Youngkin continues to mount the pressure on his opponent.

    Polls, Stats Show Youngkin’s Focus on Education is Key

    Major polls and statistics show Youngkin’s focus on education is vital in gaining significant ground in the election. A Monmouth University poll published last Wednesday showed schools and education overtook COVID as a major factor that motivates voters.

    Aside from that, the poll also shows voters trust Youngkin more in handling issues related to education.

    Furthermore, a CBS/YouGov poll published in October showed the Republican candidate leading his opponent by 20 points among Virginia voters who say school curriculums on race are the leading criteria influencing their voting decision.

    Monmouth University Polling Institute director Patrick Murray said an essential factor for Youngkin’s surge is his ability to get support from Democrat suburban voters.

    Murray noted suburban women in Virginia have been key to victories of the Democrat Party since 2017. He then indicated the support is already waning, as suburban women are crossing over to Youngkin’s side.

    Will their support be enough to help Youngkin clinch the seat on Election Day? We’ll have to wait to find out.


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