Shocking Pandora Papers Investigation Indicts America


    There are many ways with which one can view America. While many would view the country as a place where red and blue states are at political loggerheads, others view it as a place where ethnic differences thrive.

    One aspect of the nation that many do not quite agree with is the aspect where it is said America thrives on taxpayers’ monies from different nations of the world. 

    America has been accused of being a nation that allows corrupt public officers to stash their funds in financial institutions. In addition, America has been accused of thriving on stolen funds from all around the world.

    The Mutual Story Binding Blue and Red States

    The numerous states in America have their separate laws. Still, none of those laws negate illicit monies being brought into each state by people who intend to waive the payment of their taxes unlawfully.  

    According to an early report on the Pandora papers in October, it was unveiled America is second to the Cayman Islands when it comes to facilitating illicit money transfers.

    The state of Delaware, which happens to be the hometown of President Biden, has a long history of being a haven for illicit money transfers. As a matter of fact, Delaware is known to be the state where the most notable wealthy names and high-end corporations keep monies from their illegal deals secretly. 

    A further investigation into the Pandora Papers showed South Dakota is not exempt from such illicit money deals.

    The record has shown in recent times that the state is known to be the base for wealthy names who intend to divert funds meant for the payment of their real estate taxes. 

    The Legal Implication of These New Findings

    Over the years, covert operations have been orchestrated to clamp stashes of wealthy names in the United States. In times past, most of those operations have focused keenly on legislation in Washington D.C.

    It is high time many of these organizations seeking the truth began looking inward. Local communities and states are no longer exempt from the investigative process. 

    In 2017, Washington Post released a report that showed foreign policy relations between America and nations like the Gambia and Equatorial Guinea were not all about countries being diplomatic.

    Corrupt public servants in both nations own exquisite properties in numerous wealthy suburbs across America. 

    In many recent times, stories about America receiving illicit funds have made headlines in US news media. If all of these stories are true, it means there’s a lot America can do to change the political trend in the world.

    The nation could have enacted federal laws clamping down on these illicit funds, but instead, it chose to act in a different way to perhaps boost its national treasury.  


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