‘Sanctuary City’ Establishes Constitutional Republic to Combat Ridiculous Mandates


    A California municipal council unanimously declared itself a “Constitutional Republic City” to defend people’s rights under federal and state laws. Oroville Vice Mayor Scott Thomson claimed they are preserving residents’ rights to the best of their ability.


    It’s like a sanctuary city protecting its people’s rights and liberties, he said, citing the US and state constitutional amendments. San Francisco was named a sanctuary city by Governor Gavin Newsom in response to the federal government’s perceived overreach against its inhabitants.

    The municipal council approved it 6-1 on Nov. 2. The resolution allows the city to refuse to enforce executive actions imposed by the state of California or the federal government which overstep or violate people’s constitutional rights.

    Not Targeted Specifically at Biden’s Mandate

    The policy is not related to one specific mandate, like President Biden’s vaccination mandate on companies, says Thomson. Instead, it is directed at the influx of mandates affecting every element of citizens’ and children’s lives.

    Expressly, it declares the city believes in and supports the constitutional principles of power separation, personal liberty, and the rule of law enshrined in the American Constitution.

    This especially includes the authority of local governments to exercise local control over matters affecting the individuals who live within the city’s jurisdictional borders.

    Per the East Bay Times, Councilman Dave Pittman stated local government should always take care of its inhabitants. Thomson told Fox News every mandate will be addressed individually and a majority vote will decide any legal battles.

    He stated each requirement would be addressed uniquely. While they recognize the seriousness of the virus, they feel defending the citizens’ fundamental rights is as important.

    The state lawmakers have been attempting to convince the governor just because something functions in major places like Sacramento or San Francisco, that doesn’t imply it works in little towns like Oroville.

    Oroville is 70 miles north of Sacramento in Northern California. Thomson added they wouldn’t be here if the government supplied greater local power or listened to the representatives.

    A Line in the Sand

    According to city attorney Scott Huber, the decision by the municipal council can be changed at any moment without affecting funds. Huber told ABC7 he was confident the city would not lose any cash. 

    Councilmember Art Hartley called the motion a political statement with no weight, while Thomson called it a line in the sand. This is drawing the line, Thomson said earlier this month. It isn’t always against one single directive. Instead, it is against a bombardment of mandates that have been imposed on them recently.

    Mayor Chuck Reynolds said the resolution was enacted to remind citizens of their rights. Reynolds says when politicians declare emergencies, it puts one person in command who can do pretty much whatever they want, even when the crisis has passed.

    California has experienced periodic coronavirus requirements. Last month, the state became the first in the country to require public school students to get vaccinated.

    More than 1,000 protesters gathered in Sacramento last month with placards reading, “My children won’t be a research project to make you feel comfortable.” 

    Within the resolution, Thomson stated American culture and ways of life are being attacked at their very core and distorted by radicalized lawmakers. He said these lawmakers have forgotten, in a republic like the United States, the power is in the hands of the people.


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