Republicans Worry About Renewed Iran Nuclear Dialogue


    Republicans are warning against the possibility of a victory in reviving the Iran nuclear deal, following speculation the US and Iran are close to reviving the 2015 nuclear accord.

    Discussions in Vienna have been underway to reintroduce the United States to the international accord from which President Trump withdrew in 2018.

    The UK, France, Germany, Russia, and China remain parties to the Iran nuclear deal and attempt to preserve it.


    Republicans have always been wary of the Iran nuclear deal, but believe the timing of any restart, especially in light of Russia’s ongoing assault on Ukraine, is bad.

    Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, told Fox News Digital, “Russia should not be at any table with us at the moment.”

    “Right now, they are perpetrating heinous terrorist acts and killing people in a democratic country—Ukraine—and throughout Europe.”

    Rep. Liz Cheney also spoke against reviving the contract, describing it as “extremely risky and exceedingly foolish” on Fox News Radio’s “The Guy Benson Show.” 

    Additionally, Rep. Pat Fallon cautioned on Twitter that a nuclear deal with Iran may make it “simpler for the world’s biggest state sponsor of terrorism to get a nuclear weapon.” 

    The increased alarm follows a Wall Street Journal story on March 3 that said the US and Iran were moving in on a deal, following weeks of rigorous discussions.

    The US and Iran’s officials cautioned they were still addressing sanctions relief terms. On Friday, a European ambassador told Fox News a new accord is expected in the coming days.

    Republicans in Congress claim they have not been consulted on any arrangement negotiated by the Biden administration with the assistance of the Russians. They want any new agreement to be subjected to congressional examination.

    The bipartisan Iran Nuclear Agreement Assessment Act of 2015 compels the administration to submit any deal agreed upon to Congress for review within five days of its conclusion. 


    Last month, a group of 33 Senate Republicans led by Sen. Ted Cruz pledged to do everything in their power to prevent President Biden from obtaining Senate approval for a new nuclear deal.

    Along with Russia’s participation in the Iran nuclear deal, Fitzpatrick asserted the Iranian regime “does not act in good faith” and the US does not even execute current accords.

    Fitzpatrick, a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, referred to the 1994 deal in which Ukraine agreed to give up its nuclear weapons in exchange for Russian and Western promises to keep Ukraine’s borders safe and stable.

    “Does anyone believe if Ukraine were the third-largest nuclear weapons possessor, Russia would invade them right now?”

    According to Fitzpatrick, “Certainly not. They surrendered them on our word, based on the commitments made by the United States and the United Kingdom to Ukraine and Kazakhstan. We are failing to live up to our end of the bargain.”


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