Rep. Lauren Boebert Earns Endorsement From Trump


Former President Trump has backed Rep. Lauren Boebert, a Republican from Colorado, for reelection. He praised the freshman lawmaker’s work on violent acts and the Second Amendment.

Trump said two weeks ago that Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is a great leader, a supporter of putting America First, and a warrior against RINOs and radical Democrats who don’t like the United States.

Trump then confirmed Boebert has his full and unreserved support for her re-election.

Islamophobic Remarks and the Apology

The House of Representatives adopted a bill last Tuesday to eradicate international Islamophobia. The legislation was prepared in reaction to statements made by Boebert regarding Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar.

A video of Boebert talking about Omar as a representative of the “Jihad squad” came out that month. She also said a Capitol police officer once thought Omar was a suicide bomber.

Boebert tweeted an apology to everyone in the Muslim community who was offended by the video. She also said she tried to apologize directly to Omar.

Afterward, Omar said Boebert didn’t say sorry in front of the world. Democrats have also pressed House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to denounce Boebert.

This is a call McCarthy refused, highlighting the Colorado Republican’s open and personal apologies.

In reaction, a bill was passed that demands the U.S. State Department set up a Special Envoy to monitor and fight Islamophobia; the legislation demands the inclusion of state-sponsored anti-Muslim violence and unchecked power in its annual human rights reports.

The Special Envoy is meant to help lawmakers better understand the worldwide issue of anti-Muslim prejudice and come up with a long-term plan for the United States to fight against Islamophobia around the world.

There has been no penalty taken against Boebert on an individual basis thus far.

Ilhan Omar’s Anti-Islamophobia Bill Scrutinized by Biden, GOP

Some people don’t like Omar’s proposed Islamophobia bill, even though she’s a Democrat from Minnesota. The Biden administration doesn’t seem to be on board with the idea.

The Combating International Islamophobia Act instructs the State Department to set up a special envoy and office to deal with the problem. Under the bill, those groups would keep an eye on and fight Islamophobia worldwide.

In addition, the bill would change how the agency analyzes human rights and religious freedom around the world. 

According to a House aide, the State Department sent a list of things it didn’t like about Omar’s bill to the people working on it.

While they agree with the bill’s goals, the office said in a statement last week changes would be needed to make regulations and prescriptive requirements into permissive powers.

This would allow the secretary to set up the office and envoy, but it would also keep the secretary from doing everything.


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