Mike Pompeo vs. Donald Trump? A Much-needed Republican Showdown


    The former Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, has declared his intentions to run in the presidential race, come 2024. With news making the rounds about Donald Trump’s intentions to also run, there will likely be a stiff war in the primary elections of the Republican Party. 

    While there is no doubting the fact that Pompeo has a profound support base, with the level of influence that Trump has within the GOP, does Pompeo have a chance to become the presidential nominee on the Republican side? 

    Pompeo Wants the Presidential Ticket

    Many Republican Party members have given their views about Pompeo’s intentions. As it stands, Trump is the best candidate for the party, but he needs stiff competition to keep him on his toes. Quite a number of reporters have dug deeper into Pompeo’s political intentions, and it has been confirmed he will be running.

    Everyone knows Trump to be a man of words and actions. Lately, with the floundering poll numbers and numerous media predictions, Trump is likely preparing for a third campaign to win the presidential election of 2024. 

    Does Mike Pompeo Have What It Takes to Win the Primaries?

    While Biden seems below average with his foreign policy implementations, Mike Pompeo has proven to be an effective leader. This was confirmed during Trump’s tenure when Pompeo addressed the nation about Trump’s first foreign policy as the president of America. 

    It might not be seamless to have a landmark win in the party’s primaries; Pompeo arguably has a chance to win the party’s presidential primaries. If this happens, the level of support Trump is given would be the same for Pompeo, because of the party’s agenda. 

    In terms of political experience and charisma, Trump has more in his favor. He constantly causes a lot of tension in the camp of the liberals; for one who has a solid political ambition, this could be leveraged to his advantage.

    On the other hand, Pompeo is more of a conserved statesman. This is not to say that he cannot be a proactive statesman, should he have to step in the shoes. 

    Does Donald Trump Stand a Chance in the 2024 Presidential Race?

    A wholesome, glaring fact to Americans is what Trump needs, for now, is not the in-house war at the Republican primaries. What he needs is worthy opposition to help him herald his path to victory.

    We all know about the complacency of Hillary Clinton and how being unrefined made her lose the presidential election. Trump needs a real-time, politically heated competition that is beyond simply Republican Party politics.

    Conversely, the 2024 election needs to be a little different. The approach of Trump’s Republican side has to come with a dynamic twist to pave the way for a presidential comeback for Trump.  

    Besides, if Joe Biden continues to be terrible at being president, Trump has an excellent chance of being president again.


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