Politics and Scientific Knowledge: Gender Identity Disorder

According to the letter acquired by Fox News Digital, a medical textbook had a word for gender dysphoria removed after it was highlighted by the state of Florida. 

According to an archived site from April 21, 2022, the description of gender dysphoria excluded from a bestselling medical book by Merck Manual stated some specific details.

It said gender dysphoria is characterized by high, continual cross-gender characterization associated with anxiety, distress, mood swings, and often a desire to live as a gender other than the one affiliated with the sex assigned at birth.

A Tonal Woke Shift

In recent guidance, the Florida Department of Health advised against gender changes for both children and adults, prompting the removal of the phrase from the website. 

Upon receiving the new textbook’s change, the director of Merck Manuals requested the Florida Department of Health modify its guidelines to correspond with the updated definition of gender. 

As the Florida Surgeon General, Joseph Ladapo was responding to new instructions issued by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, as Jon Brown reported for Fox News. 

To align with today’s woke inclusiveness agenda, the Biden presidency’s new “gender-affirming” guidelines cover social affirmation at any age.

There’s also hormone therapy, puberty-blocking medications, and permanent surgery that’s “usually used in adulthood or on an as-needed basis for adolescents,” according to the report.

In other words, believing you were born the wrong gender is no longer considered a medical condition.

Furthermore, the textbook discusses the previous meaning of gender dysphoria, stating the phrase is no longer appropriate in favor of more current terms.

Also, while saying it can be hurtful and untrue against many people, or in this case, the woke left, this statement is made. 

Medicine Cannot Divide Communities

After being confronted with the absurdity, Lapado claimed Merck’s actions were “medical activism masquerading as medical innovation.”

According to him, “medicine cannot be used as a tactic to divide communities,” and he further stated, “Florida’s direction will not change as a result of political pressure.” 

Gender-neutral terminology is the newest issue to get the attention of the woke mob. Even the United States Congress amended 14 of its provisions.

Just a few of the terms deleted from the House rules in January of last year were “father,” “daughter,” “son,” and “mother.” 

It seems the Biden presidency had a clear objective in mind from the beginning.

This objective is one that encourages not only woke rhetoric, but also this so-called “gender-affirming” counsel for all people, including and particularly kids.

In preparation for “Transgender Day of Visibility” on March 31, the White House was very active in spreading this woke guidance. However, this is not the only recent instance of this sort of behavior from the Biden administration.