Pelosi Attacks ‘MAGA Republicans’ for Transgender Violence After LGBT Club Massacre

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Democrat US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi has targeted “MAGA Republicans” with vile accusations of inciting anti-transgenderist violence on the same day a gunman shot and killed five people in an LGBT club in Colorado.

Massacre in Gay Club in Colorado Springs

Nancy Pelosi, who just carried out a preemptive strike by announcing she wouldn’t seek reelection as House Speaker after the Republicans retook the House and she stood no chance anyway, issued three statements on Sunday.

One of those was congratulating Democrat President Joe “Multiple Crises” Biden on his 80th birthday, showering him with praise. Still, the other two were against anti-LGBT violence, with one of those directly blaming that on “MAGA Republicans.”

Pelosi’s anti-MAGA remarks came in a statement on “Transgender Remembrance Day.” The second statement condemned a mass shooting in a Colorado gay club.

The outgoing Democrat House Speaker also seemed to implicitly tie to the anti-transgenderism of “MAGA Republicans” even though the police hadn’t even said whether the massacre was a hate crime.

A 22-year-old gunman, who was later arrested, opened fire in Colorado Springs’ Club Q before midnight on Saturday, killing five and wounding at least 25, with at least two in critical condition.

Two patrons inside the venue stopped the shooter, which describes itself as an “adult-oriented gay and lesbian nightclub” holding events such as “drag shows.”

Neither the Colorado Springs Police Department nor the FBI had commented on a possible motive, even though the shooting seemed reminiscent of the 2016 massacre in the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida when an Islamist terrorist follower of ISIS slayed 49 people.

The report noted that Club Q in Colorado Springs had planned to host a “drag brunch” the next morning in order to celebrate the “Transgender Day of Remembrance.”

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How is This MAGA’s Fault?

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi condemned the Colorado Springs shooting by declaring that it had “shattered further” the “sense of safety” of LGBT individuals in the United States.

It was in a prior statement dedicated to the Transgender Day of Remembrance that she attacked the Republican Party and “Make America Great Again” movement supporters.

Pelosi declared the Democratic Caucus in the House mourned “the countless Americans” who had been “stolen away” due to “the scourge of transphobic violence.”

The outgoing House Speaker even spoke of a “crisis” of the violence against transgenderists and stressed her view that it “disproportionately harm(ed) trans people of color.

Pelosi further argued that there was a “fight” that was “more urgent than ever” because “transgender Americans” were being “targeted” by “right-wing extremists.”

At that point, she embarked on a full-frontal attack on “MAGA Republicans,” accusing them of both “dangerous rhetoric” on cable TV and “openly bullying schoolchildren.”

Pelosi resorted to more insulting language as she stated MAGA Republicans were guilty of “shameless bigotry” and were “cruelly undermining” not only the safety but also the well-being of trans individuals.