Opinion Poll: Most Americans Want Biden Out Next Year


    Following the release of a new USA Today/Suffolk Poll, it was discovered most people want Biden out of the White House next year, as his support ratings continue to plunge to new lows.

    The following were the top ten replies to the question concerning what polled respondents wanted Biden to do in the coming year:

    20% asked that Biden resign or quit. 11% said he should focus on the economy or jobs; 8% said Biden should do more to help the nation, 8% said he should handle border control or immigration.

    6% said Biden should do more regarding COVID mandates, 5% have issues with infrastructure bills, 4% said Biden should do more about inflation. 3% are more concerned with healthcare; 3% want more assurance on global warming, while another 3% are more concerned with bipartisanship.

    Eligible Voters Don’t Want Joe and Kamala

    On Sunday, it was revealed many eligible voters don’t want Biden to seek another term, as his disapproval rating is approaching a stunning 60%. In addition, the survey revealed Republicans are closing in on a double-digit advantage over Democrats in the 2022 midterm elections.

    According to the poll’s other headlines, roughly half of those polled, 46% (including 16% of those who voted for him), believe Biden has done a poorer job as president than anticipated.

    According to Independents, Biden’s performance has been worse than projected, outnumbering his supporters 7 to 1 (44% -6%). Over two-thirds of Americans (64%) do not want Biden to compete for re-election in 2024.

    Democrats account for 28% of the total.

    Vice President Kamala Harris has a 28% approval rating, significantly worse than Biden’s. According to the results of the study, 51% dislike the job she is doing.

    When asked whether they would vote for a Republican over a Democrat today, those polled said they would do so by a margin of 46% to 38%. This is a margin that bodes well for the Republican Party’s prospects of winning a majority in both the House and Senate.

    According to the study, only one in every four registered voters believes Biden’s far-left “Build Back Better” social spending program will benefit their families.

    America’s public opinion is divided, with 66% believing the country is heading in the wrong direction. 20% claim the country is heading in the right direction.

    Biden Doing Worse Than Any Other Democrat President

    Biden’s popularity rating is declining at a greater rate than any other president in contemporary history. Other presidents saw decreases in their ratings of fewer than five points during their first to third quarters, assuming they did not see increases.

    Many have referred to the thrashing Republicans delivered to Democrats around the country during last week’s elections as evidence of voter displeasure with Biden and the Democrat Party.

    In Virginia, Republicans swept the elections, winning all of the statewide seats—governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general—and retaking the state House from Democrats.

    Before last Tuesday, the GOP had not won statewide elections in Virginia for more than a decade.


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