Mayorkas Agrees Border Crisis is Worse Than Ever


    Alejandro Mayorkas, Biden’s secretary of Homeland Security, declared last week the 46th president’s border issue is “worse currently” than at any point in US history.

    “Over the previous six months, the job hasn’t gotten any easier, and it was challenging throughout 2021,” Mayorkas stated, according to an audio recording acquired by Townhall.

    “I am aware this president’s policies are not acceptable to US Customs and Border Protection, but that is the truth; let us see what we can accomplish within that framework.”

    “The figures are not what they should be. I concur,” Mayorkas stated. “Look, it’s worse today than it has been in at least the last two decades, if not ever.”

    Record Numbers

    The US Department of Homeland Security is bracing for a substantially increased influx of illegal immigrants at the US-Mexico frontier this spring, with forecasts of up to 9,000 arrests per day.

    “President Joe Biden’s administration struggled with a record-breaking 1.7 million border apprehensions during the fiscal year that concluded on Sept. 30,” Reuters reports.

    “The near-record arrest rate, which included several repeat offenders, resulted in backlogs of unaccompanied children at overcrowded Border Patrol stations.”

    According to the report, Border Patrol officers have grown frustrated with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ handling of the southern border situation.

    The report comes just days after Biden’s office released December statistics on illegal crossings along the US-Mexico border, which revealed a huge increase compared to prior years.

    “In December 2021, the number of distinct persons seen was 135,040, a 5% increase over the previous month,” US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) remarked in a statement.

    “A total of 178,840 interactions occurred along the southwest land boundary in December, a 2% increase over November.”

    December 2021’s total 178,840 unlawful border checkpoints were greater than December’s tallies for 2020, along with 2019 and 2018 merged, totaling 175,353 unlawful border breaches.

    Complete Failure

    Former executive CBP commissioner Mark Morgan stated in response to the news, “More than a year ago, as Biden prepared to roll back President Trump’s efficient border control initiatives, he asserted he did not want to end up with ‘two million individuals on our border.'”

    “After a year on the job, it is unavoidable that Biden has failed on every level. Over the last year, CBP has logged over two million interactions along the southwest border, a staggering and unprecedented amount,” Morgan continued. 

    “However, that figure does not include an anticipated 600,000 or more ‘got aways,’ those who cross the border unlawfully, but are unable to be apprehended by Border Patrol.”

    “Then, there are the ‘turn-backs,’ people who attempt to cross the border, but ultimately abandon their attempt and return to their place of origin. That figure hovered around 400,000 during Biden’s tenure.”

    “Over three million individuals attempted to breach America’s sovereignty and enter the nation illegally during Biden’s tenure. Not only is this the biggest border crisis in US history; it is also the worst 12-month period for any president in terms of border security.”


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