Lefty ‘Social Terrorism’ Nearly Killed Ex-CEO as He Stood Up to Abortionism

(Fox News video snapshot)

John Gibson, the former founder and CEO of software company Tripwire, nearly committed suicide because he was bullied severely by modern-day Commies committing against him what he called “social terrorism” after he lauded the Texas law banning abortion and spoke out against abortionism, the left’s incessant desire to murder unborn babies and to celebrate the practice.

‘How Dare You Be against Abortion?’

Gibson’s Marxist-Communist ordeal began in September 2021 when he posted a tweet approving the Texas Heartbeat Act, which banned abortion after the sixth week of pregnancy.

The abortion bans in Texas and Mississippi were eventually upheld in June of this year, after the US Supreme Court, in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Org, overturned the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling, ending 50 years of unbridled abortionism across the United States.

In the meantime, however, the founder of video game developer Tripwire Interactive found himself under the relentless, vicious attacks of wokeism and abortionism’s social media foot soldiers, he revealed in an interview with “Tucker Carlson Today” on Fox Nation. 

As Gibson got wildly terrorized for expressing his views – and ones that are against the murder of unborn children at that – he repeatedly considered ending his own life. 

He told Tucker Carlson that there were no words to describe precisely “how crushed I was” by the “social terrorism” of his coworkers. 

Gibson said he got not just “depressed” because of the nauseating wokeist bullying but also “angry” and “suicidal,” and didn’t want to “leave the house.” 

“It destroyed me,” the former Tripwire CEO said, adding that the last 13 months for him had been “hell.”

Gibson also cited what he told his wife at one point: that he “just want(ed) to die” as he didn’t wish to be alive in a “world that’s this unjust.”

Commie-Nazi Totalitarianism’s Intimidation All at Work in the United States

The former CEO’s pain was particularly excruciating because for over 20 years, he was with the firm that he founded, and the entire time “strived to make happy” both his employees and the public.

He told the Fox News anchor that he could only characterize what happened to him as “social terrorism,” namely using “fear and intimidation” to force “people to change,” whether in real or to pretend to change, to “keep their job and status.”

Gibson’s sin with today’s American Marxist-Communist progressivist totalitarians was that he declared he was “proud” of the United States Supreme Court for affirming the Texas law that outlawed the murder of “babies with a heartbeat.”

In his tweet several days after SCOTUS allowed the Texas law to come into effect, he said there were too many “vocal peers” standing “on the other side,” and he thought he should “go on the record” that he was a “pro-life game developer.”

Then all hell broke loose for the Tripwire CEO, starting with Shipwright Studios, a partnering firm, which declared it would no longer work with Tripwire “under the current leadership structure.”

Tripwire later said Gibson was no longer the CEO, and his comments bore no reflection on the company’s “values,” which appear to boil down to the savage physical destruction of unborn infants.

Gibson said others in the company shared his views but kept quiet – except one “fairly senior” lady who defended him.

He revealed one of the company owners who thought the same of “cancel culture” refused to speak up, letting himself be intimidated because he didn’t “want to be canceled next.”