Left-wing District Attorney’s Anti-NRA Rhetoric Backfires


In the wake of multiple recent mass shootings, the left-wing has come out against the National Rifle Association (NRA) once again.

Despite the fact that not a single NRA member has ever perpetrated a mass shooting, Democrats continue to make their loathing of the gun rights organization known.

During last month’s annual NRA convention in Houston, Texas, Democrats even protested outside of the event.

NRA defenders, members, and supporters have pushed back against this type of venom. Some have even said Democrats are using mass shootings for partisan gain, due to their refusal to consider solutions that don’t entail gun control.

Philadelphia district attorney Larry Krasner recently ripped into the NRA over crime in his own community. However, this has backfired tremendously, as documented by The Blaze.

Not an Appropriate Comparison

On Sunday, the Philadelphia district attorney claimed that recent community shootings mean that Pennsylvania state lawmakers must employ “real action.”

Krasner then went on to say this appropriate “action” would entail boycotting the NRA and passing more gun control rules in Pennsylvania.

However, the entire narrative and premise behind this argument was disproven by Mayor Jim Kenney, a fellow Democrat. While speaking with WPVI-TV, Philadelphia’s mayor said unlawful carry of firearms comes with virtually no consequences in the city.

Krasner doesn’t even have grounds to dispute this. The office of the left-wing district attorney is on record claiming that arrests and convictions for illegal firearms possession isn’t something it thinks will crack down on shootings.

Meanwhile, the NRA blasted the Philadelphia district attorney for being notoriously soft on crime and then blaming lawful gun ownership for the fallout.

The Best Defense Against Crime

As long as criminals believe they can break laws without being held accountable, they will continue to do so.

Officials who want to see shootings and other crimes decrease have to get serious about prosecuting lawbreakers. Simply going after the NRA is great for left-wing political grandstanding; however, it doesn’t bring about meaningful solutions.

As more calls for gun control come from the Democrat Party, its members will not entertain any anti-mass shooting proposals that don’t involve restrictions on firearms.

If left-wing district attorneys continue refusing to hold criminals accountable, their communities will suffer as a result. Already, the district attorney of San Francisco is facing a recall, due to the massive crime upticks that have occurred on his watch.

If Krasner is serious about stopping shootings in Philadelphia, his office can change its current position of not supporting the arrests and convictions of individuals with illegal firearms.

What do you think about the Philadelphia district attorney blaming the NRA for the city’s problems, despite failing to go after criminals with illegal weapons? Please let us know in the comments field.


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