Kim Jong-Un Building Invincible Military, Slams the US


    Communist dictator Kim Jong-un of North Korea vowed to build an invincible North Korean military. He made this speech on Monday, October 11; he also reviewed an exhibition of weapons systems at the event.

    According to local media, the weapons systems exhibition was a first of its kind. In light of this, we are inclined to believe the exhibition is a show of power to the US and its southern neighbors.

    Yet, Kim said his will to improve the military isn’t because he wants to target South Korea. He said he believes there should not be another war between the Koreas.

    The North Korean leader stated the show of military force and technology is only for defensive purposes, as the country is not interested in going to war with anyone.

    Yet, he didn’t waste any time blaming the US for causing hostility in the region. Kim was very displeased with the US, and it seems the weapons systems exhibition might be a message to the US.

    Kim’s Speech About America

    The North Korean leader said the US has consistently signaled it is not hostile to North Korea; yet, America’s actions do not make this believable. He said the US is always creating tensions in the region with its wrong actions and judgments.

    Kim Jong Un further went on to say the US is the cause of any tension that arises in the Korean Peninsula. He also argued that America was aggressive towards North Korea.

    Even with his assertions, he didn’t explain in detail which actions of the US were causing tensions for his country. However, Kim said the only solution to prevent attacks on his country is creating an invincible military.

    Can North Korea Build a Military to Rival the US?

    Kim Jong-un stated he wants to build a military to ward off attacks. He also had remarks for the US, which means he wants to create a military force superior to the US.

    The truth is, over the years, the US invested heavily in the military. Former President Trump also ensured the US military was heavily funded. In light of this, the US will have the strongest military force for a long time.

    However, North Korea is also on track to create its ‘invincible’ military if the weapons exhibitions are to be believed. There were displays of new intercontinental ballistic missiles. There were also jets flying over during the exhibition.

    In addition, there were other reports on how one of the road intercontinental ballistic missiles on display would be one of the biggest ever. Besides, Deputy Director of the Open Nuclear Network, Melissa Hanham, described the missile as a monster.

    A nuclear security expert at MIT, Vipin Narang, also told Washington Post that Kim is trying to improve survivability and penetrability against the US and South Korea, like normal nuclear powers.

    President Biden’s administration has not made relations with North Korea a priority yet. However, his administration said it was open to exploring diplomacy with the country.

    Will Kim Jong-Un’s recent statement lead to more positive talks or increase friction between the two countries? We’ll have to wait to find out.


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