Joe Biden Under Fire After NYT Reveals Details From Hunter Biden’s Computer

The New York Times confirmed last week that emails retrieved from Hunter Biden’s lost laptop, initially published by New York Post before the 2020 presidential election, were genuine. 

As per Cabot Phillips of the Daily Wire, since the Times’ verification, President Joe Biden and his team have come under increasing pressure to respond to inquiries regarding claims of wrongdoing against his family. 

Blame Everything on Russia

As Phillips explained, “They’re under increasing pressure because, over the previous year and a half, they’ve largely refused to speak about it.”

“When they have, they’ve largely dismissed it as fake news or even Russian misinformation.”

On her Twitter account, Biden campaign manager Simone Sanders stated any person spreading the tale supported Russian propaganda.

At the same time, White House press secretary Jen Psaki hinted the same on her account. 

The president and other members of his administration, however, are refusing to answer questions about the narrative, now that we have proof it is accurate.

It’s at this point the pressure is starting to build quite significantly. People, including members of the media, are beginning to demand answers.

Earlier this year, the Washington Post published emails seized from Hunter Biden’s laptop. This spurred suspicions that President Biden was involved in offshore business deals channeled through Hunter and his business associates. 

In September 2020, just a few weeks before the 2020 election, the New York Post released the information of a laptop they claimed belonged to Joe Biden’s son, Hunter.

As per Phillips, the evidence included suggestive texts and images.

It also included emails that appeared to prove when Joe was VP, his family, including Hunter Biden, exploited his position to achieve multi-million dollar business transactions with corporations in Ukraine and China.

Joe Pulling the Strings

The email, for example, depicts Hunter obtaining a 20 percent stake in a Shanghai-based company, with the line reading “10 owned by H for the Big Guy” in bold type. 

In the aftermath, Hunter’s business partner, Tony Bobulinski, openly declared ‘the big player’ in this situation is Joe Biden. The ten percent cut was being held back for him. 

According to reports, President Biden also developed relationships with Russian businessmen, raising fresh doubts about his own possible involvement in his son’s international business transactions. 

In its investigation, the Senate discovered a 3.5 million dollar payment made by the richest woman in Russia to a business associated with Hunter Biden.

Even though the United States has sanctioned several Russian billionaires and oligarchs, the woman who made the contribution to Hunter’s company has not been sanctioned.

As a result, many people were concerned about a potential conflict of interest. Jen Psaki was asked about it by the New York Post on Friday, and here is her response…