Jesus Had Transgender Body, ‘Vagina’ Wound, Commie Cambridge Sermon Claims

The Commie scholar showed the 14th century Prayer Book of Bonne of Luxembourg to claim that Jesus' wound appeared like a "vagina."

A transgenderist Marxist-Communist sermon at the world-famous University of Cambridge in the UK has sparked widespread outrage by declaring that Jesus Christ had a “trans body” and was “equipped” with a side wound like a “vagina.”

One of the Biggest Marxist Anti-Christian Rants Ever Delivered

The sickening new-style Commie rant was delivered last Sunday by a junior research fellow at Cambridge University named Joshua Heath, reported The Daily Telegraph, as cited by Fox News. 

The Evensong sermon, which Heath gave at the Trinity College chapel, left some of the congregants who heard it “in tears,” according to the report. 

The University of Cambridge research fellow practically slapped Jesus Christ across the face by declaring that historical paintings showed “non-erotic” views of Jesus’ penis. 

According to Heath, that brings about a “welcoming” – and “not hostile response” concerning the “raised voices of trans people.” 

Commie Christ-Hater Lashes Out

The Commie scholar, who may have come up with one of the most egregious Communist anti-Christian abominations of all time, stated that such works depicted Christ’s body as “simultaneously masculine and feminine.”

And, in Health’s sick antichrist logic, since they suggested it as “the body of all bodies,” it was also, therefore, “the trans body.” 

The researcher, who has a Ph.D. in theology supervised by Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, showed the congregation a medieval painting depicting the spear wound on the right side of the crucified Jesus Christ. 

However, Heath claimed that the wound was Jesus’ “vagina,” that is, it had a “decidedly vaginal appearance. 

When showing another medieval painting, he dwelled on how Jesus’ blood flowed from his side to his groin. 

The Commie scholar showed the 13th century Pietà by Jean Malouel, to demonstrate blood from Jesus’ side flew to his groin.

Stab a Man with a Spear, and He Becomes a Woman?

Heath’s homily during the Trinity Chapel’s traditional Anglican service caused the congregants, who included many children, to be “visibly uncomfortable” and even “violated.” 

The situation description came from an anonymous congregant’s complaint letter submitted to Dr. Michael Banner, the dean of Cambridge University’s Trinity College. 

The disgusted worshippers yelled, “Heresy!” as they left the church. 

“I left in tears,” the churchgoer’s letter to the dean stated. 

The congregant was “contemptuous” of the Commie scholar’s claim that if a man has a hole cut in his body, through which the body “can be penetrated,” then that man “can become a woman.” 

The churchgoer expressed utter dismay such images and allegations were applied to Jesus Christ – and that this was done “from the pulpit, at Evensong.” 

To top it all, the wokeist and transgenderist Marxist-Communist abomination that was the Trinity Chapel service was passionately defended by the dean in response to the well-justified letter of complaint. 

Banner shielded the Commie scholar from criticism, advancing the no less Marxist-Communist notion that the images Heath showed about “Christ’s male/female” body were giving the congregation new “ways of thinking” about today’s “transgender questions.” 

He argued Heath’s “speculation was legitimate” regardless of whether anyone “resists its application” to today’s “question about transsexualism.” 

A Trinity College spokesperson later claimed that neither the dean nor the researcher had said that “Jesus was transgender.”