Inflation Reveals Biden and Democrats’ Hubris


President Biden’s 8.5 percent inflation rate is the most striking example of the Democrats’ callous disdain for regular people.

Biden-flation, more than most of his other guilty failings, will cause voters to stab Democrats in the heart in November.

The humiliation of the United States’ submission to a motley Afghan farmer army and Biden’s surrender of sovereign rights at the Mexican border, along with other public morale-damaging events should not be underestimated.

All of this adds to our national gloom.

Creating Money

The national government has often sneered at Joe and Jane Sixpack throughout early 2021, but never in a case where the direct relationship between their policy foolishness and everyone else’s misery is as evident as it is on pricing.

The decision by Biden to create money, backed by Democrats in Congress, caused the worst inflation increase in 40 years. This was entirely foreseeable.

The grief is felt by the Sixpacks, as well as Mr. and Mrs. Middlebrew, whose losses will inevitably tilt Congress to the Republicans.

“Bracing” for “extraordinarily rising inflation” was the administration’s response to bad news about pricing, according to the Washington Examiner.

Americans didn’t have to wait long since the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed the next day that dollars in their wallets were melting quicker than at any time since 1981.

When “bracing,” White House press spokeswoman Jen Psaki frantically spun a misleading narrative about what caused the financial crisis.

The ongoing war in Europe caused it, even if prices were rising for months before the war. “We have laws that could cut the cost of daycare, healthcare, and elder care,” she added.

Build Back Better

Psaki referred to the president’s trillion-dollar spending proposal, “Build Back Better.”

The Democrats and their leadership want huge additional spending to remedy an ailment created by prior massive expenditures.

Everyone knows the Democrats choose to spend abundantly and pay for it by printing money.

Although both chambers of Congress are ruled by Democrats, the Build Back Better Act is blocked. The Democrat Party’s moderate wing refuses to submit.

Subsidized daycare, healthcare, and elder care do not miraculously eliminate costs; they simply shift them to others. Who pays? Your children, today’s taxpayers, and tomorrow’s debtors.

It’s the same empty reasoning as “forgiving” student loans. The debt won’t vanish.

Those who did not benefit from higher education will pay for it. Do you think people should pay for social services with their own money? That sounds like a tax.

According to Biden, no one earning less than $400K a year would pay a dime more to the Treasury.

The deception isn’t the most striking part. There is precedence in politics, to put it bluntly. No, the apparent disdain for regular people is blaring. It’s the action of a government that thinks you’re an idiot and treats you as such.

Biden and the Democrats have a plan, even if it doesn’t work and even if the public does not want it. This political class’s arrogant idiocy is they believe they are better and smarter than you.


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