Illegal Migrants in West Texas Wear Out State Troopers

One of the major setbacks that has plagued the Biden administration is the heavy influx of illegal migrants in America through the southern border.

Border Patrol has been trying to contain the situation, but with the hike in numbers of illegal migrants constantly found at the border, it became crucial to have some support from state troopers. 

West Texas has always been known to be a mass of land. However, its landmass shares a border with Mexico. As it stands today, many illegal migrants find their way into the tranquil communities in West Texas, all in a bid to evade the cross-border laws of America. 

In response to this new milestone, over a thousand troopers have been assigned to the border. Initially, it felt as though rerouting these troopers would change the situation of things.

The current nuisance caused by illegal migrants has since escalated from the point of the deployment of these state troopers. 

The Migrants America Currently Faces

In 2020, over a thousand illegal migrants crossed the Mexican border into America through the Rio Grande Valley. At the time, the sole aim of those migrants was to surrender to United States agents and be granted asylum in America.

Today, the sort of migrants America is dealing with include a ton of illegals wearing camouflage attire and being careful enough not to leave a trail. It is clear the migrants America harbors now are the flagrant sort who have no regard for US laws. 

Also, Border Patrol and West Texas troopers have weighed in on the current situation. According to them, they have never witnessed a situation like this before.

In times past, Border Patrol would typically have situations like this under control. However, the inability to curb this menace is why states in America are beginning to build up their own troopers.

Curtailing the Presence of Illegal Migrants

In a recent report, it was deduced states around the nation have begun to lay off members of their National Guard, due to financial constraints.

The implication of this is officers at the southern border are currently short-staffed. This is the reason why the state troopers team was formed. 

Recently, the state troopers teamed up with the federal patrol department. Amid intel about illegal migrant activities, officers in the troopers team brought in their helicopters and desert vehicles to control the situation.

However, nothing seems to be stopping these illegal migrants who are hellbent on finding solace illegally in the United States. 

Conclusively, no less than 77,000 illegal migrants have been arrested and kept in the Border Patrol’s custody. This makes legal residents of America worried about what will eventually happen if the situation is not well contained in the near future.