Hypocritical Governor Newsom Strikes Again


    Governor Gavin Newsom, a California Democrat, has a reputation for being hypocritical. The governor has been caught multiple times going against directives he set for everybody else.

    Newsom is a strong enforcer of vaccine mandates in the country. Besides, Newsom has so much belief in the vaccine he issued a vaccine mandate for kids 12+ in public and private schools in California.

    Who would’ve thought someone who issued a vaccine mandate for kids doesn’t want a vaccine mandate for the state’s prison guards? Well, nobody!

    Newsom Appealing a Court Ruling Mandating Prison Guards to Get Vaxxed

    On September 27, 2021, a federal judge ruled the coronavirus vaccine must be mandated for prison guards in California. The judge ruled on Eighth Amendment grounds, based on the risk unvaccinated prison guards pose to the incarcerated.

    Before the ruling, the court found more than 50,000 California prison inmates were infected by the virus, with at least 250 dying. In light of this, the judge says he feels it was a necessity for prison guards to have the vaccine.

    As of the time of the ruling, only 42% of the prison guards have taken their full dose of the vaccine. While some people might not agree with the judge’s ruling or his reasons, the governor of California should.

    Besides, we felt Newsom must have been proud of the judge for the ruling, but we were wrong. In shocking events, the governor appealed to the court to overturn Judge Jon Tigar’s ruling over the prison guards regarding this vaccine mandate.

    Prison Guard Union Donated $1.75 Million to the Governor in September

    The only plausible reason for someone with pro-COVID mandate views opposing the mandate for prison guards is there are benefits involved. Unless there are some benefits the governor is deriving from the prison guards or their association, he should not be partaking in a public show of shame like this.

    During Newsom’s recall election in September, the Prison Guard Union donated $1.75 million to the governor’s cause. We believe the donation went a long way to have Newsom’s help in appealing their case. Aside from that, there’s also a belief the governor is helping their case to continue being in the union’s good books.

    Interestingly, Newsom spoke to CBS News less than 24 hours after the failed attempt to recall him last month. One of the key points of the discussion was the vaccine mandate.

    Newsom said the state needs to be firm in keeping people healthy and safe. He said the state doesn’t need to be timid when trying to reduce the spread of the disease.

    With a bold statement like that in September, we are left with no choice but to wonder what changed in the time of one month. Besides, Newsom has been caught being hypocritical in the past.

    During the peak of the pandemic, he directed Californians to avoid large indoor gatherings. However, Newsom was then caught having a fancy dinner with 11 other people and no masks on.


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