House Democrat Wants a 1,000% AR-15 Tax


In the aftermath of recent mass murders, a prominent House Democrat proposes a 1,000 percent tax on AR-15s and comparable guns, as part of his party’s latest drive for gun regulation. 

Virginia’s Representative, Donald Beyer, a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, opined that a tenfold increase in the price of firearms might dissuade mass shootings.

The levy could raise the price of firearms anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000.

Still in the Works

A final copy of Beyer’s bill is not yet ready.

It remains uncertain when the levy would actually happen and what the additional revenue would cover. However, a compensation program for the families of victims murdered in shootings is one possibility.

Beyer stated police enforcement organizations and the United States military would be exempt from the fee.

The senator added he believes his idea can pass the Democratic-controlled House and circumvent the blockade in the Senate, where VP Kamala Harris may throw the final vote. 

Beyer intends to pass the bill under reconciliation. This might allow it to avoid the filibuster threshold of 60 votes. According to experts, a tax plan could satisfy the criterion for reconciliation. 

There are a projected 20 million AR-15-style rifles in circulation in the United States, and roughly 20% of all new gun purchases fit the definition.

President Biden has proposed a ban on what the left commonly refers to as “assault weapons,” despite the fact this is not a precise description of a firearm.

Rep. David Cicilline’s (D-RI) draft legislation defines “assault weapons” as “military-style” rifles with “a magazine which is not a fixed ammo magazine and has one or more military attributes.”

This is “such as a pistol grip, a forward grip, a threaded barrel, a barrel shroud, or a folding or telescoping stock.” 

Age Limits

Additionally, Democrats have advocated raising the minimum age to buy an AR-15-style firearm from 18 to 21.

Recent terrorist attacks in Buffalo and Uvalde, Texas, were perpetrated by 18-year-old guys armed with AR-15-style weapons; whereas Saturday night’s mass shooting in Philadelphia was perpetrated by many individuals armed with handguns. 

Biden stated last week we must ban assault rifles and high-capacity magazines. If we cannot outlaw assault weapons, we should raise the minimum age to buy them from 18 to 21 and tighten background checks. 

Additionally, Beyer advocated for imposing new fees on magazines that can hold more than ten rounds of ammo. 

The concept of an assault weapon in the Beyer bill strongly matches one proposed by Rhode Island Representative David Cicilline. This legislation would prohibit firearms with at least one military feature, such as a pistol grip or a front grip. 

Republicans have generally opposed additional gun control measures, arguing criminals will not comply with them.

In practically every shooting incident, existing laws were violated, or the culprit should have been identified. In response to recent massacres, though, several Republicans expressed a readiness to adopt new laws.


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