Hispanic Catholics Urged to Call Out Pro-Abortion Democratic Lawmakers


CatholicVote is starting a digital advertising campaign.

This campaign is designed to push Hispanic voters in Nevada and Arizona to oppose pro-abortion Catholic senators over their current vote on the Women’s Health Protection Act.

The six-figure campaign targets Democratic Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly and Democratic Nevada Sen. Catherine Masto-Cortez for their support of radical abortion legislation.

This bill has been labeled “the most extreme abortion measure of all time” by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

The Ad Campaign

“Our campaign aims to educate and activate Hispanic voters to hold important senators responsible for their fundamentally misguided policies,” CatholicVote Chairman Brian Burch said.

“Senators in Nevada and Arizona are promoting harsh abortion legislation,” he continued. “The genuine concerns of Hispanic voters are being overlooked.”

Kelly and Masto-Cortez did not immediately respond to requests for comment from reporters.

The ad relies on Wall Street Journal research that indicates Republicans are gaining popularity among black and Hispanic voters.

In an early March survey, the journal showed Hispanic voters would choose a Republican nominee for Congress over a Democrat by a margin of nine percentage points.

Burch highlighted that Kelly and Masto-Cortez’s support for “extreme abortion” is “particularly troubling” because of their claimed Catholicism.

Burch continued, “the church has made it very plain that advocacy for fatal violence towards unborn children contradicts church teaching.”

There is no doubt that Burch and CatholicVote have been very outspoken in their criticism of prominent Catholics like President Biden, whose desire for more abortion access goes against Catholic teaching.

Arizona Voters

CatholicVote’s Spanish-language commercial targeting Arizona voters said, “Hispanics are happy to lead to a better nation via our work, taxes, beliefs, and values.”

“However, we require officials who can address pressing issues, such as rising food and gasoline prices, increased crime, and disdain for parents in schools.”

“With these pressing issues, why is our Senator Mark Kelly supporting a bill that would allow abortion up to birth without consulting parents,” the ad asks before offering a call to action.

“Are you with us or the forces supporting unrestricted abortion?”

The group’s other ad, aimed at Nevada’s Hispanic voters, expresses disappointment that Masto-Cortez would put progressive abortion laws ahead of more important issues.

“We Hispanics are pleased to be the most diligent and dependable employees in Nevada’s economy,” the advertisement reads in Spanish.

“However, we require legislators capable of resolving the escalating issues of inflation, low salaries, the expense of gasoline, and the interminable repercussions of COVID.”

“We are perplexed and outraged that instead of addressing these concerns, Senator Catherine Cortez is wasting her time on an abortion bill that would murder innocents and help not a single life of Nevada workers,” the ad adds.

According to a February assessment of the Latino vote in 2022 by the National Organization of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, Hispanic voter turnout is expected to rise this year in Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado.


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