Glenn Youngkin’s Victory Could Be the Trigger Republicans Need

Glenn Youngkin delivered a resounding victory against his opponent Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia governorship election.

The Republican performed beyond expectations by winning in a state where his party hasn’t won in 12 years. His victory is even more impressive when we consider that Biden beat Trump by 10 points during 2020 in Virginia.

Red Wave Coming?

The New Jersey governorship was only decided by fine margins. The incumbent governor only missed being beaten by his Republican opponent by whiskers.

This was a race that many considered an easy run for the Democrats. However, the Republican governorship candidate, Jack Ciattarelli, gave it a good fight by exceeding all expectations.

This further shows Republicans have every right to believe a red wave might be sweeping the entire country during midterm elections in 2022.

Moreover, the Republican Governors Association sent out a statement after Youngkin won in Virginia. The headline of the message read, “Victory in Virginia: A Forecast for Flipping in 2022.”

In addition, the Republican National Committee released a similar statement to the Republican Governors Association’s. A keynote in the statement says: “The red wave is everywhere.”

Furthermore, Republicans also mulled over a comment by Kamala Harris. She once stated the events in the Virginia elections would determine what will happen in America’s political space in 2022, 2024, and on.

Well, Vice President Kamala is spot-on, as the result in Virginia will be a catalyst for a Republican takeover.

Warning for the GOP and the Democrats

GOP strategist John Feehery had a lot to say after the elections in Virginia. He said Youngkin is not the end, but the beginning.

He noted the election result is a wake-up call for Republicans and Democrats. Feehery remarked Democrats have almost turned to socialism, and Americans are not socialists.

The GOP strategist also said Republicans made significant progress. However, they should not get cocky. He said it is excellent Republicans won in Virginia, but they should have also succeeded in New Jersey.

Feehery noted the governor of New Jersey is terrible, and there’s no reason why the Republican Party should not have taken the seat. According to Feehery, the Republican Party has a massive chance of winning back the Senate and House.

One of the reasons Youngkin won Virginia is because he ran a perfect campaign. He addressed the issues of Virginians and promised to work on them. The Loudoun County School Board case also helped Youngkin, as he showed he feels the pain of every Virginian parent.

On the other hand, Terry McAuliffe was overconfident in his campaign. He also dismissed parents in the state. In addition, McAuliffe’s only campaign strategy was to tie Youngkin to Donald Trump.

This plan failed, and Democrats across the country will see this and realize what went wrong. From the elections, it is clear Americans will only vote for candidates with their interests at heart.

The GOP must not rest on its laurels. Glenn Youngkin has given the party the perfect pedestal to build on. They must not misuse the chance.