Donald Trump Predicts Largest Republican Sweep in America’s History

After the recent Republican sweep in Virginia, former President Donald Trump has become more vocal about the political affairs of America. In the same light, he recently opined next year’s midterm elections could see domination by Republicans in numerous political positions. 

On Monday, while addressing the Republican committee, Trump iterated next year could be the year that highlights the major comeback of the Republican Party since the dominance of the party in 2010. 


While addressing the Republican committee, Trump expressed the need for the party to stick together while doing their jobs to ensure this new momentum withstands the true test of time. 

Trump Takes Republicans Down Memory Lane

At the moment, Republicans are currently looking at having a stronghold over 70 Democrat Party districts. This would seem more like a replay of what happened in 2010 when Republicans won 63 seats in the midterm elections.

In further reiterating this fact, House Minority GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy told Democrats who are current public seat holders to have their guards in check. He opined 2022 could be the year Republicans change the political narrative in the House and America’s political space. 

What is the Current Agenda of the Republican Party?

While still addressing the Republican committee members, Trump pointed out a dire need for the Republican Party to solve the current border crisis caused by Biden’s administration.

Trump further opined when this is done, with the dominance of the Republican Party in the House, they have what it takes to make China pay trillions of dollars for unleashing COVID-19.

Also, after a long while, Trump recalled the 2020 election, as he stated the need for the GOP to clamor for electoral security in all spheres. He also commented on the need for photo and nationality verification, along with a one-day poll for federal elections, as this would ease the stress of auditing the electoral process. 

Trump went on to address the aim of the Republican Party to unite America’s democracy in contrast to the Democrat Party’s agenda of using intolerant and oppressive devices to secure power. 

In addition, while emphasizing the need for the Republican Party to take charge, Trump didn’t fail to refer to the stronghold Democrats have in the House and Senate.

However, Trump expressed the midterm election results next year would go a long way in determining the next move of the Republican Party; it will also determine whether Trump would be willing to run in the presidential election during the year 2024. 

Suppose Republicans can stay united with their goals and agendas. In that case, there is a high chance they will triumph over Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and other Democrats. This would mark the beginning of new leadership in the history of America after a long while.