Diesel Price Rises as Biden Guaranteed Price Cuts

According to the AAA’s most recent data, the nationwide average price for a gallon of diesel fuel surpassed its all-time high.

Additionally, the national average for unleaded gasoline is nearly tied to its all-time high earlier this spring. 

Historic Solution

When President Biden came into office, he claimed he was working to reduce the price of gasoline to help relieve the inflationary anguish Americans have been experiencing.

The White House hailed the “historic” resolution to release a never-before-seen quantity of oil from the country’s strategic reserves.

It was seeking praise from the typical mainstream media lapdogs for President Biden’s apparently swift action to assist Americans. 

On April 21st, the White House announced these supplies would put more than one million barrels per day into the economy over the next six months.

They said it would help address supply interruptions created by Putin’s continued invasion of Ukraine and the price increases Americans are seeing at the pump. 

Let’s put aside Biden’s poor attempt to blame Putin for regularly growing gas costs during his presidency before Russia invaded Ukraine.

The more urgent unfulfilled promise/false claim is that Biden’s decision to dip into the strategic reserves will tackle high gas prices for Americans. 

First, one for the record books: as per AAA’s gasoline price data, the national average price for a gallon of diesel fuel reached $5.540 on Monday.

This is $0.21 higher than the price from a week ago, $0.48 cents more than a month ago, and a stunning $2.42 more than a year ago. 

The national average for a gallon of gasoline is $4.328, barely $0.003 below the record high of $4.331 set on March 11.

As of Monday, the average price of normal unleaded was $0.13 cents higher than it was a week ago, $0.20 cents higher than it was one month earlier, and $1.36 higher than it was one year ago. 

Nothing to Show

Now, one has to ask, what precisely did the Biden presidency achieve? We’re basically where we started. While diesel is in much worse shape, America’s strategic oil supplies are significantly fewer than before. 

As Biden’s detractors and the majority of energy specialists who are not deluded by partisanship would explain, the president’s hasty “measures” would never reduce oil and gas prices for more than a few weeks.

They might have been coupled with genuine action. This would have included sanctioning U.S. pipeline projects, granting more drilling leases, and promoting domestic power generation.

This would have an immediate impact before the long-term benefits of energy independence kicked in. However, Biden did not do so. 

Instead of taking the necessary steps to reduce oil and gas prices, Biden sought a flurry of good press coverage to demonstrate his apparent dedication to helping Americans and boost his sinking approval ratings.

It’s yet another illustration of how the Biden administration is intent on eliminating fossil fuels.

This is a goal Biden himself has previously expressed. Imposing a “transition,” as Energy Secretary Granholm has termed it, is the radical plan to eliminate American energy.