DeSantis Says Florida Ports are Open, Welcomes Police Officers


    Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has offered to solve two of the biggest problems in the country. He wants to help with the supply chain crisis.

    He is also offering police officers fired for not taking the COVID vaccine jobs in the state of Florida. DeSantis spoke with Fox News on Sunday about how he plans to help the nation solve issues, particularly the seaport jam.

    DeSantis: Our Seaports are Ready

    In the interview with Fox News, the governor stated he is proud of the state’s seaports. DeSantis noted since he became governor, the state invested up to $1 billion into making seaports more modern and effective.

    In light of this, DeSantis claims the state has the needed capacity.

    He also revealed some ships in Savannah, Georgia are already on their way to Florida. DeSantis further commented the state has the capacity for more vessels, thereby urging more ships to make a reroute.

    In a bid to entice ships to choose his state’s ports instead, DeSantis said ports in Florida are working 24/7, unlike California ports. He added each port in Florida could also offer shipping companies incentive packages to make them come to their ports.

    DeSantis remarked that aside from improving the state’s economic activity, getting ships to Florida will also be a good move for the country. He noted it would help relieve the logjams and solve the shortage problem in the country.

    Besides, with the Christmas season coming, the supply chain crisis needs to be alleviated because failure to do so will lead to higher inflation.

    DeSantis Doesn’t Need the Help of the National Guard

    President Biden said he is considering sending the National Guard to California to help with the logjam. However, DeSantis said Florida would not need the help of the National Guard.

    Florida has logistical knowledge and capacity at its ports. DeSantis noted that all ships are welcome, as the state has the ports and people to handle it.

    DeSantis also took a sly dig at the president. He said Florida ports are modernized; so the president should send the National Guard to the southern border. DeSantis commented the southern border is a mess and the National Guard could help keep it under control.

    Reason for the Economic Boom in Florida

    Florida has had a good year, economically. One example of that was in September; when the whole country added 194,000 jobs, Florida alone added 84,900 jobs.

    DeSantis said the reason for the economic boom is because Florida protected the rights of businesses to operate and people’s rights to work during the pandemic.

    Florida did this by fighting against silly mandates, including those imposed on fire departments and the police. The governor said any officers who have lost their jobs in other states are welcome in Florida.

    DeSantis said these people are heroes and they’ve worked day-in and day-out during the pandemic. He commented they are essential, as they could not do their jobs via Zoom; they have to be treated with honor and not fired.

    Florida will have a session to rule nobody should get fired over vaccine mandates. Aside from that, the governor also hopes to sign legislation that would give a $5,000 bonus to any police officer relocating to Florida.


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