Democrats, Despite McConnell’s Opposition, Target Scott’s Policy Idea


    The Senate Democrats’ campaigning wing is taking shots at a policy proposal from Sen. Rick Scott of Florida, chair of the Senate Republicans’ internal political effort.

    This has prompted skepticism from the Republican Senate leader, owing to its many contentious features. 

    11-Point Plan to Rescue America

    The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Council’s digital advertisement aims at Chairman Scott of the National Republican Senate Committee’s “11-Point Plan to Rescue America.” 

    The web spot depicts a heated argument between Scott and Fox News’ John Roberts this week over the proposal’s language, mandating the five-year reauthorization of federal programs. 

    In the Fox interview, Roberts stated this might result in the abolition of Social Security and Medicare.

    Separately, Roberts stated Scott’s plan would impose income tax bills on millions of people who currently do not earn enough money to owe the federal government money after the year. 

    The advertisement, titled “It’s In The Plan,” is set to foreboding music and accuses Republicans of intending to cut the social safety net and hike taxes. 

    It includes a tape of Roberts rebutting Scott’s statement that the host was employing “Democrat talking points” about policy items explicitly stated in Scott’s proposal. 

    The DSCC’s five-figure digital advertising campaign will run in Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, New Hampshire, Florida, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. 

    The DSCC targets older voters in seven swing states, which might determine who wins the Senate majority in November.

    Thanks to Vice President Kamala Harris’ tiebreaking vote, Democrats now have a virtual majority in the 50-50 chamber. 

    Scott defended his idea, claiming his policy recommendations had been misconstrued. 

    “Senator Scott has always been and always will be a tax cutter,” Scott’s director of communications, McKinley Lewis, said.

    “As governor of Florida, he lowered taxes more than 100 times, and he’ll put his record of tax cuts up against anybody in Congress.” 

    Senate Majority

    Lewis contended it would be the Senate Democratic program that faces opposition in the midterm elections. 

    “The DSCC has been obsolete for years, and we couldn’t care less about how they spend their money,” Lewis explained.

    “The Democrats’ plan—increasing gas and food costs, appeasement, structural socialism, and open borders—is wreaking havoc on American households.” 

    Mitch McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader, recently stated Scott’s plan would not be included in the GOP’s agenda if Republicans reclaim the Senate majority. 

    “If we are lucky enough to have a majority next year,” McConnell told reporters. “I’ll determine what to put on the floor in cooperation with my members. Permit me to inform you of what will be absent from our schedule.” 

    “We will not have on our agenda a measure that raises taxes on half of the citizens of the country and Medicare and sunsets Social Security under five years,” McConnell continued. “That will not be on the Republican majority’s agenda in the Senate.” 

    The National Research and Standards Council did not respond to a request for comment.


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