Culture Wars Exploding in the Faces of Democrats


A recent survey showing President Biden with a 33% popularity rating stunned New York Times writer Charles Blow. 

Blow is astonished by Biden’s unpopularity and fears a massacre in the November midterms. Blow is hired to know and analyze politics and culture. His astonishment says a lot about his bubble.

As a result, his long look at Democratic issues shows how the same mindset that makes them unpopular also makes them unable to understand why.

A Rabid Culture Warrior’s Guide

These factors, of which Blow seems unaware, add to voters’ disdain for Biden. The Democrat Party’s failings on basic issues, like crime and inflation, stem from its culture war extremism.

The Democrat Party is now dominated by woke, union-busting CEOs, not blue-collar union halls. This group has blended class and cultural battles, promoting cultural radicalism while ignoring the common good.

As inflation erodes earnings and investment corporations buy up houses, Democrats are the party of affluent diversity experts, lecturing hourly people about white privilege and cis-heteropatriarchy.

The Democrat Party’s goals include funding its clients, from school boards to Planned Parenthood, and conducting a culture war.

According to Blow, the GOP is “daunting the teaching of black history and white supremacy in classrooms, restricting discussions of LGBT issues. Republicans are leveraging white parental dread, particularly white moms,” he says.

This whining demonstrates the bubble Blow and his New York Times readership live in. Americans recognize the difference between teaching history and teaching harmful critical race theory dogma.

Americans recognize that males competing in female sports is unfair and that teaching sexism and gender ideology to youngsters is perverse. They are enraged when teachers urge children to transition while hiding it from parents.

Voters also noted the context left behind never follows through. Transgender children, child drag queens, and men in girls’ locker rooms are now the focus of the LGBT movement.

Now, we’re informed that being anti-racist entails assessing individuals by their skin color. Insecure young females may be cool with mastectomies, but most Americans are not.

This extremism undermines the Democrats’ capacity to govern. This might be the outcome of ignoring essential government functions to focus on niche cultural concerns.

It could also be the direct effect of ideology, as in the cases of woke prosecutors and cutting funding for the police.

Insulated From the Working Class

In either case, wokeness is a sheltered philosophy. As it turns out, “wokeness” is a very expensive political ideology that only works for rich people and folks in college.

Though it is generally a political liability, it does benefit its supporters’ interests. For instance, woke ideology legitimizes economic exploitation and social repression of non-wokes.

Wokeness focuses on race, sexuality, and gender, while relegating economic status to a secondary priority. To profess to be supporters of oppressed people without sacrificing economic or social power or status, most can claim to be oppressed.

In order to help the working class, wokeness focuses on BIPOC and LGBT inclusion in boardrooms and Ivy League universities so the working class can thrive.

It’s not surprising that woke language frequently implies the working class (particularly white working-class people) deserve punishment for their sins of sexism, racism, and any other ism you can think of.

This is why commentators like Blow accuse dissidents of racism and prejudice. This is why the woke left is happy about oligarchic power and uses economic, technical, and cultural power to eliminate people who don’t agree with them.

In the business sector, mandated diversity, equality, and inclusion training have become the standard. The left wants to restrict social media to stifle “misinformation,” which is often just unpleasant truths.

The left, similarly, cannot comprehend their failings. They have created a bubble so far removed from reality and ordinary voters that even an election calamity may not pull them back to Earth.

They assume Biden is alright, cocooned in luxury and dogma. Though most Americans are tired of a system that puts child transition ahead of crime and hyperinflation.


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