China Opposes the Term ‘Invasion’ Regarding Russia’s Foray into Ukraine


    Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “special ground offensive” into Ukraine has prompted some Chinese officials to question whether the operation is an invasion. 

    Telling Ukrainians to Display Prudence

    The same officials urged all Ukrainians to display prudence in their interactions. The Chinese Consulate likewise recommended Chinese citizens remain at home and away from the conflict.

    When asked whether Russia’s “special military operation” constituted an invasion, Hua was hesitant to say yes or no.

    “This may be a point of differentiation between China and you Western people. We are not going to rush to a decision here,” Hua expressed herself.

    According to Hua, when it comes to the definition of an invasion, “we need to go back to how we are viewing the present situation in Ukraine,” she said.

    “It is important to note that the Ukrainian issue has a highly difficult historical background that has lasted to the present day. It is possible this is not what everyone wishes to see.” 

    The Alliance Between China and Russia

    Hua called for negotiations to end the situation in Ukraine, but she did so without mentioning Russian President Vladimir Putin or expressing any criticism of him.

    “We continue to hope the parties involved will not close the door on peace. We will instead engage in communication and consultation to prevent the conflict from escalating further,” the message said. 

    Hua also asserted the United States, preparing to censure Russia, had somehow aided and abetted the confrontation.

    “Some countries have followed the United States in fueling the flames of war. We oppose any activity that serves to arouse fears of war.” 

    Several countries, including the United States, have advised their citizens to leave Ukraine in view of the upcoming conflict.

    However, China has not given this advice to their citizens who may be in Ukraine as it comes under attack from Russia. Instead, the Chinese government has asked Chinese nationals to stay at home or wear the Chinese flag if they do venture out onto the streets.

    “The Chinese Embassy in Ukraine advised the country’s 6,000 Chinese nationals to fasten the Chinese flag to an easily visible location on the vehicle’s body.”

    In recent years, China and Russia have retained a strong level of cooperation. As part of this, on February 4, both countries expressed their support for more constraints on NATO activities.

    In light of statements like this one, among other things, officials at the United States Department of State think China indicated “tacit support” for Russia’s intended invasion of Ukraine.

    President Vladimir Putin dispatched his troops into Russia on Wednesday. The Russian president then began calling the deployment a “special military operation.”

    A total of at least 50 Ukrainians have been killed as a result of the invasion.


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