Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to Make Life Harder for Unvaccinated

On Tuesday, Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago announced many new COVID-19 regulations meant to make it more difficult for people who haven’t been vaccinated.

Boston’s Mayor Michelle Wu and Washington, D.C.’s Mayor Muriel Bowser did the same thing. People in Chicago who are at least five years old must get vaccinated before going to bars, eateries, cafés, fitness centers, and entertainment venues.

A Democracy?

Lightfoot remarked, to put it another way, if you have been living without vaccinations, your time has come to an end.

If you want to do the things you love conveniently, you must be vaccinated. It may be difficult for people who haven’t been vaccinated to comply with the health order. The order is made to be hard to comply with.

Lightfoot also stated they didn’t want to get into this position, but had little alternative, given the circumstances which they found themselves in at the time.

She said you would need to prove you have been vaccinated to enter bars, restaurants, gyms, and other places where food and drink are provided.

Lightfoot stated their city has seen a lot of COVID-19 delta and now omicron instances this year, notwithstanding their efforts to make sure everyone got the vaccine.

Lightfoot lamented that people in the city should take better care of their health and well-being. This health care order says people who want to go to certain enclosed public places must prove they have been vaccinated.

This is necessary to ensure people can enjoy their city’s many perks, as the new year starts. There is no need to show your vaccination card if you get a cup of coffee. It’s not okay to eat food without one, in any case. That’s against the new rules.

Lightfoot said you don’t need to show evidence to go into the coffee shop and pick up something. In the meantime, if you want to linger, you want to eat that muffin, if you want to sit down with your PC, you’ll have to produce evidence of immunization.

Biden’s New Initiatives

Afterward, President Biden made many announcements about new COVID-19 efforts to fight against the variant of coronavirus known as omicron. 

He stated there are some areas where individuals are quite eager to receive their booster shots, and it is more difficult to schedule an appointment in those areas.

Also, during this week, he’s going to send numerous more health workers and more places to help people get their booster shots.

In the middle of his coughing fit, Biden said he’d asked FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, to set up new temporary vaccination clinics all over the country.

You can get your booster shot there, he told the crowd. It also says they’ve launched FEMA vaccination centers in Washington state and New Mexico, as more people get sick.