Can the US Gain Air Superiority Over Russia in War?


    According to top U.S. officials, the placement of Russian-made air defenses near Eastern Europe will have no impact on American operations, military exercises, or support for allies in any way.

    In the Baltic Sea, as well as the Black Sea, they have continued to conduct missions in international waters and airspace; this has not altered since then. 

    General Jeffrey Harrigian of the United States Air Force recently spoke with the Mitchell Center for Aerospace Studies via video interview.

    This interview was about the United States Air Force’s plans to deploy in both of those areas with the US Navy and its allied Navies.

    Advancements of the United States Air Force

    According to Harrigian, the United States has a range of techniques by which to render air defenses useless.

    This is a vague, but noteworthy, statement. Despite the fact Harrigian provided no specifics, it is possible that he was referring to well-known stealth innovations.

    These innovations may include low-radar cross-sectional area designs, radar-absorbent technology, military and commercial jamming devices, or perhaps just speed and compact design.

    It is possible for a sophisticated Russian Air Force system to detect the presence of an aircraft in the vicinity.

    However, there is no clear indication that such a system could maintain a tight and continuous track long enough to reliably target jet technology in the vicinity.

    Although Harrigian’s words did not provide specifics on how Russian air defenses may be evaded, they appear noteworthy, considering how much has been said about Russia’s air defenses in recent months.

    Upgraded Russian air weapons, which are said to be connected together as modules by digital connectivity, are believed to function with better capabilities to monitor and strike.

    Modern Russian air defense systems are also capable of striking targets at greater distances and attacking aviation assets traveling at high speeds.

    The Ukrainian Air Defense Systems

    However, despite all of the buzz surrounding Russian air defense systems, the United States Air Force and its partners said they will not be discouraged from taking military action.

    This references military action in regional and global airspace in the future.

    The efficiency of Ukraine’s air defense systems would have implications for the United States’ capacity to achieve air superiority in any battle with Russia over Ukraine.

    In any case, a significant presence of American and allied F-35s might very well outperform Russian Su-57s, allowing the United States to achieve air superiority over Russia.

    Despite the strength and lethality of Russia’s tank and armored personnel carrier forces, holding Ukrainian land for Russian forces fighting without air superiority might prove to be a challenging task.

    In light of these evolving tactical and geopolitical realities, it is possible Russia may think long and hard before launching an invasion of Ukrainian territory.


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