California Also Believes Kamala Harris is a Mistake


    Vice President Kamala has fared so badly that even her state of California believes she’s been a disaster for the country.

    An opinion survey conducted by the University of California, Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies, and the Los Angeles Times found that just 35 percent of Californians approve of Harris.

    45 percent disapprove of her performance as vice president. 

    Dipping Further

    Harris’ approval rating has dipped somewhat from the already dismal 38 percent she received only two months ago.

    For instance, Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has a 28 percent popularity rating in the Democratic-majority state of California. In California, Harris is only marginally more popular than a Republican.

    Furthermore, Harris is struggling in the Bay Area, where she began her political career and previously served as the district attorney of San Francisco.

    Harris’ approval rating in the Bay Area is only 38 percent, which is far lower than that of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has a 52 percent approval rating.

    Her media friends have cried racism and sexism every time Harris’ shortcomings have been brought to light.

    This raises several questions, including: Is the state and territory of California a haven for racism and sexism?

    Is the Bay Area a home to angry bigots who want to see Kamala Harris, the first black female vice president of the United States, fail?

    In other words, is Harris merely a lousy politician who was prevented from rising to the position of vice president by President Joe Biden’s racial and gender quotas?

    Biden Clearly Made a Mistake

    Harris is a political train disaster of epic proportions. In 2020, she had no choice but to lose the Democratic presidential nomination. 

    She came into the contest with an excellent resume for the Democrat Party, which is fascinated with diversity. Despite this, she was eliminated from the contest before the first vote was ever even cast. 

    Harris was not able to keep her position within the race before the first vote was cast.

    She was intimidated in debates by candidates who knew what they were talking about, but she did not want to admit it. Since she was appointed as vice president, Harris has seen opposition from even the most supportive media outlets.

    Interestingly, it is no accident that no matter how poorly Joe Biden does in the polls, Harris performs far worse.

    She has repeatedly demonstrated that she is out of her depth and has little to contribute to the discourse. 

    This government made ineptitude its defining characteristic, and her stupidity stands out in this environment.

    This is much so that even Californians, who voted for Harris to serve as both attorney general and senator, can see what a disaster it was for Biden to choose her as his choice.


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