Biden’s Embarrassing Disinformation Board Has Border Plans


    The Biden presidency’s statement on Wednesday that it will establish a Disinformation Governance Board would be far more concerning if the initiative itself were not such an embarrassment to taxpayers.

    To compound matters, the nominee chosen to lead this initiative has an embarrassing history of succumbing to disinformation. 

    Nonetheless, the Department of Homeland Security has no authority to regulate anyone’s speech. So what is happening here in reality? 

    Misinformation Directed at Migrants

    At a House Appropriations Committee meeting on Wednesday, Alejandro Mayorkas, the department’s director, acknowledged the formation of the new board.

    He stated the organization focuses on “misinformation directed at migrants,” which has exacerbated the southern border problem. 

    “We are worried that Haitians migrating irregularly are being misled into believing the border is open,” Mayorkas testified. 

    However, here is the rub: for the majority of 2021, the border was genuinely open to Haitians. President Biden’s catch-and-release tactics attracted tens of thousands of Haitians, who were detained while attempting to enter the border illegally.

    The majority were temporarily detained and then permitted to travel freely around the United States.

    This was known to the Haitian diaspora in the United States and worldwide.

    That is what precipitated the humanitarian disaster in Del Rio, Texas, in 2021, where 14,000 migrants established a tent city beneath a bridge and awaited arrest and release into the United States’ interior. 

    The Biden presidency was forced into action only when photographs of the filth in the tent city were broadcast globally. It began by barring Haitians from entering the nation, even flying thousands of them home.

    This was an especially bitter reversal for Haitian migrants who built lives in other countries, such as Chile, before hearing from friends and family that the US border would remain open under Biden. 

    The Motives

    How precisely will the Department of Homeland Security counteract “misinformation” that the southern border is accessible?

    This new board appears to be affiliated with Biden’s Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention Grant Program. This provides funding to nonprofit organizations that “prevent aggressive acts and minimize radicalization and domestic radicalism.” 

    As a result, the panel will fund organizations that deceive the public, telling them the southern border is closed. It is open and it will become even more open once Biden repeals Title 42. 

    Thus, the purpose of Biden’s misinformation board is to disseminate disinformation. 

    Biden discovered the ideal candidate for this position. Nina Jankowicz, a Wilson Center “disinformation fellow,” stated Wednesday she has been appointed to chair this new group.

    She is best known for endorsing British ex-spy Christopher Steele, whose totally debunked Trump dossier was instrumental in obtaining warrants to spy on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

    She also questioned the validity of Hunter Biden’s laptop, telling the Associated Press “we must view it as a Trump team product.” It turned out to be Hunter Biden’s laptop. 

    Despite her shortcomings in incorrectly recognizing deception, Jankowicz faces an uphill battle. Hundreds of thousands of migrants worldwide are already aware that Biden is on the verge of reopening the southern border.

    His DHS recently produced a 20-page letter, outlining how they intend to expedite the process of admitting migrants.

    Jankowicz’s goal is to disseminate misinformation, urging these migrants to stay at home because Biden will not let them enter.


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