Biden’s Distribution Network Crisis Explanation Fails


    The press tries to portray Joe Biden as a charming old man to whom everyone could relate. Although throughout his campaign, Biden mistreated people, yelling at them, putting them down, even shouting at one and promising to take him out.

    Since taking office, Biden has frequently revealed his impatience. One of his main flaws is his inability to admit mistakes. In the case of the Afghanistan pullout, Biden criticized everyone else, including the troops left behind.

    Biden yelled at a journalist on Saturday regarding undocumented immigrant payouts. That wasn’t Biden’s only momentous occasion with journalists yesterday.

    A journalist asked him about his “mandate” after the outcome of the elections on Tuesday, citing Democrat Rep. Abigail Spanberger saying he was not elected to be FDR, but rather not anarchic.

    Biden didn’t even attempt to answer. Instead, Biden chastised both people for not understanding the distribution network crisis and slammed the media for not explaining it to Americans.

    Yet, when Biden tried explaining it, he just rambled on and on. This is a difficult concept to grasp.

    No One Rambles Like Biden

    In Biden’s own words: “You can see why they’re upset. It doesn’t matter whether you hold a Ph.D. or work in a restaurant. So many people are worried. They are afraid. I’ll attempt to explain myself to the people of the United States as best I can.”

    “By the way, you all write for a living. You haven’t explained the supply chain effectively. No, I’m not judgmental. I’m dead serious. As in, ‘Clarify the distribution network. Okay?’ Congratulations on your senior year, my coach said.”


    Do you think Biden explained anything with this rambling? I got out of that jumble that Biden thinks facilities were shut down because of COVID [no, that’s not an answer], and regardless of what he says, it’s his job to “calm people down.”

    The real issue? Biden has no idea. So, he covers his stupidity by blaming others. Why does he have so many problems explaining this?

    Biden claimed he was focused on relieving Americans’ pressure and returning to normalcy. He needs to know mandates and increased prices do not “relieve Americans.”

    Repeating His Campaign Strategy

    Biden also claimed that “Build Back Better” is now used globally, thanks to him. When he first coined the slogan, folks asked, “Build Back Better?”

    Biden thinks it means we’re the only nation in the world to have gone through a disaster and end up better than we were before.

    Biden used the same slogan for his campaign. It was utilized by many people before him, including the Japanese in 2015 and Bill Clinton in Haiti after the 2010 disaster.

    If Biden knew the Clintons in Haiti, he would know it didn’t go well, and they didn’t “build better.” Clinton coined the word after the 2004 tsunami to indicate how the globe had to react. So indeed, Biden merely copied a term extensively used before his campaign.

    Biden likewise acts as if he has improved things; instead, he’s left the country in a disaster. Americans hoped for an excellent, moderate president. The polls on Tuesday were a resounding rejection of Biden’s radicalism.


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