Biden Made America a Free Zone for Immigration Law Defaulters


    For people who work with cable news right now, it must be an exciting phase because of the myriad of fantastic news making the waves daily. Typical Americans must feel like the country has become a place where magic comes true. 

    In the middle of what seems to be a major health pandemic, many nurses and cops are being laid off from their jobs. For lack of better wording, the best way to tag the Biden-led administration is insane things are now seen as the new normal. 

    The founder of Babylon Bee, a leading news parody platform, has stated in a relatively mild use of words it has become tough to run a parody website in America. The reason is the reality of our immigration laws has become the new parody of illegal migrants who trek in on a daily basis. 

    New Dementia is Rocking America’s News Media

    On the morning of October 28, what seemed to be an absolute joke made the headlines in all of America. In proper reference to Wall Street Journal, President Biden has now made plans to pay reparations to people who illegally crossed the border.

    What this means in plain terms is aliens who illegally made their way into numerous communities in America could now be paid a huge sum of money for flouting the Constitution and the regulations set in place by Congress. 

    According to the report made by Wall Street Journal, illegal immigrant families displaced during the Trump’s administration are now being paid a massive ransom for that.

    At the moment, the Department of Homeland Security has estimated about a million dollars to be paid to some of these illegal immigrant families. For lack of better expression, this is ludicrous and somewhat delusional. 

    Where Does American Legitimacy Lie?

    It is commonly said in a perfect democracy, the country’s government gets its power from the people. In light of all that is currently happening in the American economy, we cannot say the system of government that President Biden is practicing is a perfect democracy. 

    At the moment, American citizens killed in a war while defending their country have their families getting about a hundred thousand dollars. History would recall the period of the 9/11 attack on the White House. The amount of money paid to families of affected victims was less than $450,000 per head. 

    In light of all of this, does it mean aliens who illegally cross the American border have more rights than taxpaying Americans? These are Americans who elected a president who they thought would act based on their best interests. 

    With each passing day, it becomes more and more apparent Biden does not have the nation’s best interests at heart. He needs to be voted out of office.


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