Biden’s Administration Hits a Dead End


    Everyone familiar with the democratic rule of government would understand each administration comes in with its agenda. However, in the case of President Biden, it appears his agenda is facing a dead end. 

    The recently concluded gubernatorial race in Virginia confirms the loss of legitimacy by the Biden-led administration. Terry McAuliffe’s loss to Youngkin (despite lobbying by Democrats) shows how far gone their leftist political mandate has become.

    It should be recalled that ever since the inception of Biden as president of America, he has lost two major state elections. Also, it was just by chance that Democrat Phil Murphy was able to win the election in New Jersey. 

    It is a clear fact that irrespective of how competent Democrat candidates were in Virginia and New Jersey, they were flawed in one way or the other.

    Americans, in their numbers, wouldn’t have totally ruled out those candidates if they weren’t massively flawed. This boils down to the reality of Americans not wanting a replica of what is happening at the federal level in their respective states. 

    What Wrongs Have Democrats Done This Time?

    If there is a better way to explain what is happening in America right now to any devout Democrat Party member, they should take a cue from what happened in Virginia.

    According to reports from Virginia, more than 50% of voters didn’t vote for the Democrat Party’s candidate because they feel the ideologies and agenda of the party for the state are too liberal.

    Coming from typical residents of a state that has been ruled mainly by Democrats for years, it must have been rooted in a myriad of bad political experiences. 

    Also, based on the body language of most voters in Virginia, it could be presumed the last thing Americans want right now is a multi-trillion dollar liberal fund sentiment.

    In another light, in a poll conducted by ABC News/Ipsos poll, the results stated at least 25% of voters do not think Biden’s Build Back Better program would help them in any way.

    How Democrats are Currently Handling Their Sporadic Losses

    According to numerous public opinions, many Americans think Democrats will experience a worse loss in the electoral space if they continue with Biden’s proposed plan. At the moment, it looks as though only Senators Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona are two who have expressly stated this fact. 

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and most Democrats still believe if the House passed the Build Back Better bill into law, the recent loss in Virginia would not have occurred. 

    What members of the Democrat Party do not realize is their losses started when Biden began to prioritize the ambitions of the leftists. Now, more than those ambitions, Biden’s agenda seems to be failing, even as his government loses more ratings as the months go by. 


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