Biden Threatens Texas Over Transgender Children


    The administration of President Biden cautioned Wednesday it would take “urgent action” to protect children undergoing transgender operations. 

    HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra condemned Governor Greg Abbott’s directive to the Texas Department of Family and Child Protection services to probe parents of children who have “so-called ‘sex reassignment procedures.'” 

    An Abuse of Power

    To safeguard trans and gender-diverse adolescents in Texas, Becerra stated HHS is “determined to protect young Americans who are harassed because of their gender or sexual orientation.”

    Activists and the liberal media describe sex-change operations or gender reassignment surgeries as “gender-accepting medical care.”

    Becerra stated the HHS will take swift action if necessary to safeguard transgender youngsters.

    A wide range of elective operations for gender transitioning is already illegal in Texas.

    This includes mastectomies, excision of otherwise healthy parts of the body, and the prescription of puberty-blocking medicines or supraphysiologic levels of testosterone or estrogen.

    According to Becerra, “these acts certainly endanger the health of transgender youngsters in Texas. We at HHS believe affirming treatment for transgender youth is vital and can save lives.”

    Becerra said HHS would use the Office for Civil Rights.

    “Any Texas person or family being investigated for child welfare, due to this unconstitutional gubernatorial order, is invited to contact our Office for Civil Rights.”

    The HHS secretary also announced new recommendations for social service agencies, urging them to “advance protection and support” for LGBTQ youngsters, including access to “gender-affirming care.”

    No Tolerance for Discrimination

    The administration is also issuing instructions indicating that doctors cannot refuse healthcare based on gender identification.

    The OCR grievance portal can be used to make a complaint online if you believe another person has been prejudiced against you based on gender identity or disability. 

    “The state of Texas is on alert that its discriminatory actions put kids’ lives in danger,” Biden said.

    Instead of using child protective services against loving families, these statements show child welfare authorities should expand access to gender-affirming treatment for transgender children.

    It is important to note “respected medical groups have said accessibility to gender-affirming care for transgender youth can increase mental health, cut rates of suicide, and improve other health outcomes.”

    “In America, we respect all families’ rights and dignity,” Biden added. “Transgender youngsters are built in the image of God and offer joy to their parents and friends.”

    Families who love and support their children should be commended and supported, not threatened, scrutinized, or vilified, he added.

    President Joe Biden encouraged Congress to pass the radical Equality Act on Tuesday night, decrying an “onslaught of state laws attacking transgender Americans and their family members.”

    “As president, I’ll always have your back so you can be you and realize your God-given potential,” Biden concluded.


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