Biden Predicts Winter of Horrible Disease and Death for Non-Vaccinated

Americans who have not been vaccinated against the coronavirus are in for a winter of “serious disease and death,” according to President Biden on Thursday.

In a conference with his coronavirus emergency team, the president stated the omicron strain is already in the country; it is moving and its prevalence is expected to grow.

Biden also claimed if a person is not vaccinated, they are in for a winter of terrible disease and death, both for themselves, their families, and the hospitals that the influx of people will soon overrun.

“Shut Down the Virus”

However, Biden stated there is some positive news. Individuals who are immunized and had their booster doses are protected from severe disease and even death.

President Biden’s alert comes after nearly a year in office and after repeatedly stating throughout his presidential run that he would “shut down the virus.”

Biden is now attempting to blame former President Trump for his “incompetence” in slowing the spread of the virus. The COVID vaccinations were produced during Trump’s presidency as part of Operation Warp Speed.

On Wednesday, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said she expects the number of omicron cases in the United States to rise in the coming days.

It has been determined the “variant of worry” was discovered in at least 36 states.

Authority data in terms of national genomic replication analysis indicates the omicron variant is projected to account for approximately three percent of coronavirus cases in the United States, with higher forecasts in New York and New Jersey.

Living with the Virus

According to some experts, the coronavirus omicron strain might represent an essential step in the pandemic’s shift to being endemic, with one expert describing initial investigations as “the perfect condition for a virus.”

In an interview with the Boston Herald, Dr. Adam Koppel, the general manager of Bain Capital Life Sciences, said omicron could become the world’s dominant strain.

This could allow scientists to much more quickly reach an endemic condition, as compared to a pandemic state. We will be capable of living more ordinarily with the virus, which will look more like the flu than what COVID has appeared to be.

Scientists who are investigating the new strain have stated there is still much to learn about the latest iteration in general.

Those who oppose it express concern about its transmissibility and assert we currently do not have a strong understanding of why it appears to be less severe than delta.

It’s possible that omicron is infecting those who are younger and healthier. A study conducted by the University of Hong Kong seems to corroborate prior research conducted in South Africa, which revealed the variant was extremely infectious, but less deadly.