Biden Offers One Billion Free COVID-19 Tests


President Biden said he would buy an additional 500 million COVID-19 testing procedures for free delivery to American households.

This is increasing the government’s acquisition to one billion tests, as confirmed during a speech on Thursday. The president wants to meet the growing demand for diagnostic tests.

People will also get a high-quality face mask for free in the next few days, said Biden. During this time, he will start sending the first of 1,000 Army medical staff to overworked health facilities in six states, as the U.S. fights to move on from an omicron surge.

Masks and Vaccinations

The essential thing they are doing right now is getting people vaccinated, but that isn’t the only thing. The Biden administration is encouraging people to wear masks. As a citizen, he believes everyone should do this. It isn’t very comfortable, but it isn’t that bad.

The president told a pandemic-weary public how to deal with an omicron hybrid version that appears less dangerous, but spreads quickly.

It will be easier for hospitals in Michigan, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York City, Ohio, and Rhode Island to triage patients when the military is there.

As the nation sees upwards of 780,000 outbreaks per day and hospital visits reach an all-time high, the armed services will help.

The rollout adds to the 800 federal workers, 350 military nurses, and doctors posted to a dozen states between Thanksgiving and when omicron was discovered. In 49 states, the National Guard is there to help.

One Billion Tests

Biden said a web page where folks can request free COVID-19 tests would start next week. He also said the government will buy 500 million more tests.

Biden made a new plea for people to get vaccinated, citing a lower death rate than last year’s high point as proof.

About 63% of people in the United States have been fully vaccinated, but there are still tens of millions who haven’t been. As a result, it’s hard to treat patients for other things because they’re all in the same place.


Biden also said well-fitting masks are still an essential tool in the fight against the spread of the virus. He stated he would let people know where to get a high-quality mask for free by next week.

Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III and the head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Deanne Criswell, were at the White House with President Biden. He gave yet another notification on the pandemic causing so much trouble.

There are a lot of new antiviral medications and booster shots being used to fight the winter virus, but hospitals are having a hard time keeping up with the demand.

Recently, President Biden hired Johns Hopkins disease expert Tom Inglesby to be his test coordinator. Many people say they can’t find enough COVID-19 tests in schools and on the market for people who live and work in the United States.


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