Biden Neglected Baby Formula Crisis Until It Became Too Severe


Joe Biden has become very good at avoiding disasters, like the national baby formula shortage.

The nationwide formula shortage impacts fewer people than some of Biden’s other issues, such as soaring inflation, record gas costs, and a humanitarian catastrophe at the open southern border.

However, its repercussions are far more catastrophic.

In the previous few weeks, shortages have resulted in the hospitalization of scores of newborns around the country, including some with critical medical requirements.

Infants whose parents cannot locate the essential powder suffer from dehydration, nutritional difficulties, and even severe reactions to the homemade formula.

Anxiety For Parents

The shortage of infant formula has been a source of anxiety for parents for months, as they have struggled to locate the item.

Due to government-mandated lockdowns, supply chain disruptions were widespread. The Food and Drug Administration’s closure of one of the nation’s major infant formula manufacturers worsened matters.

At the beginning of May, 43 percent of the formula was out of supply nationwide. By mid-May, this figure had risen to 50% in states like Tennessee and Texas.

Nationally, parents fretted, but the White House remained fairly mum on the matter.

When the Biden administration finally talked about the problem, they blamed retailers, stockers, and people who they thought were hoarding baby formula.

Instead of making it easy for parents to get formula from other countries, Biden’s staff told parents via the White House’s Instagram account to “use a different brand of formula” and “contact your OB-GYN or physician to seek supplements.”

The mainstream media, the White House, and the Department of Homeland Security deflected attention away from the Biden administration’s use of tax dollars to purchase and ship infant formula to illegal immigrants held in custody at the southern border.

CBS News said on Wednesday there is no evidence the lack of baby formula in the U.S. has anything to do with giving formula to newborn migrants in U.S. border detention.

70,000 Pounds

Finally, the Biden administration attempted to calm Americans’ formula anxiety by using the Defense Production Act, reaching a reopening agreement with the closed formula facility, and airlifting the product from Europe.

Even though Biden brought in 70,000 pounds of baby food, instead of the “70,000 tons” he said he would on Twitter, that couldn’t change the fact the FDA is making this disaster worse and will continue for a while.

The White House maintains “more infant formula is on the way,” despite the fact the most recent supply will only last a few days, but how can Americans believe this?

This is, after all, the same government that maintains the southern border is safe, inflation is transitory, the supply chain issue is gone, the Afghanistan pullout was a success, and Vladimir Putin is to blame for the expensive gas prices.

The United States has been engulfed in domestic, economic, and international policy problems since Biden took office.

On every occasion, the Biden administration has been able to launch solutions that serve the best interests of the American people. In every case, it rejected the problems, shifted blame, and flat-out lied to the American people.


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