Biden Forgets Taiwan’s Crisis Amidst Peace Move with China

A virtual meeting was orchestrated to resolve the lurking conflicts that exist between America and China. In the wake of that meeting, Americans expected Biden would bring up the Taiwan crisis and a means of resolving it. 

However, this didn’t happen until the tail end of the virtual meeting. During the three-hour meeting with China’s Xi Jinping, he tried to strike a relationship, as though he and Biden had been best friends for a while.

Yet, the facial expression of Biden didn’t seem like he came to fraternize with the Chinese leader.

Biden’s Self-denial Shows He Desperately Seeks Peace with China

China and America are both at a critical stage in managing their national affairs and foreign policies. While the coronavirus dished a major punch on the political agendas of both countries, there are cogent issues that are left unresolved by Biden and Xi.

In recent times, the subject matter that China has been embattling with world leaders is with respect to a boycott against Beijing’s repression of the Uyghurs.

While many other nations of the world stated their stance on the subject matter, Biden didn’t seem to express the stance of America on the issue. It also didn’t seem like Xi needed that information, either. 

A connotative fact political analysts like Craig Singleton noted was from the opening greeting Xi Jinping gave, it was clear he is against the fundamental rights rebukes that are meted against China.

In Xi’s opinion, the United States of America has no right to weigh in on what he regards as China’s domestic issues. Despite the indicative pointers raised by Xi, Biden’s silence on those issues makes it seem as though he is desperately vying for a strong alliance with China. 

Will China and America’s Conflict Linger?

The conversation between Biden and Xi was no less than a polite way of trying to thrash out issues lingering between both nations for years.

It was clear from the mannerism of their conversation they didn’t want to start another loggerhead with each other. However, what was discussed during the virtual meeting did seem to highlight how the next couple of months would be between both nations. 

The year 2022 seems to be pregnant with a lot of events for both countries. While China is having its 20th Party Congress, there are a lot of current talks about the United States midterm elections.

It is a glaring fact that both America and China have their respective issues to worry about; yet, there are a lot of questions Americans are asking about the meeting between Biden and Xi.

Does it mean the bilateral relationship between both nations will continue? Will the single trade agreement be reinstated between both nations? Only time will tell.