Biden Encourages Judicial Intimidation

The freedom of the people to assemble peacefully is so essential to the basis of our country that the First Amendment protects it.

However, “peacefully” is crucial. The “when” and “where” individuals choose to demonstrate indicates whether or not a demonstration is peaceful. 

The killing of George Floyd ignited a wave of protests that rocked the nation in the summer of 2020.

Although many on the left have attempted to minimize the violent nature of scores of these meetings, it is indisputable that they inflicted over $2 billion in damage. 

Violent Tendencies

Passionate demonstrations always have the possibility of turning violent, which is why their location is crucial. It is one thing to demonstrate in front of the city hall, police station, or Supreme Court.

It is an altogether distinct act to demonstrate in front of a mayor’s or a police officer’s home.

Sadly, in 2020, many Black Lives Matter demonstrators crossed this line and showed up in residential districts, particularly in front of mayors’ homes, which were frequently destroyed. 

Federal law bans picketing or marching in front of the residence of a judge, jury, witness, or court officer, under the penalty of up to one year in prison.

Attempts to intimidate individuals within the legal system are a violation of judicial independence, a crucial condition for democracy. It is acceptable for demonstrators to demonstrate in front of the Supreme Court.

However, entering a judge’s neighborhood and demonstrating in front of his or her home is excessive. It is a risky activity of intimidation that deserves severe condemnation. 

The Biden presidency instead opted to enable such illegal demonstrations, which deserves condemnation.

Not only have far-left extremist groups authored the home addresses of conservative Supreme Court judges, who are supposedly considering overruling Roe v. Wade, but they are also planning to pay demonstrators to march to their residences on Wednesday. 

“Passion and Fear”

Four opportunities were offered to White House spokesperson Jen Psaki to oppose plans by far-left organizations to pay protesters to demonstrate outside the homes of justices. She turned down all opportunities.

Psaki stated, “From the president’s perspective, there is a lot of passion, a lot of fear, and a lot of sadness from many, many individuals across the country, regarding the contents of that leaked paper.”

There is no official U.S. government policy on protest locations. She seems ignorant that the U.S. government has already taken a stance on this issue. 

In the meantime, some Democrats, like Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, have made coercive and threatening remarks. Schumer previously stated that justices who vote against Roe would face personal consequences.

It is an invitation to violence to tell justices they will “pay the price” if they vote against Roe and then deploy activists to their doorsteps. As do other families in similar neighborhoods, some justices have young children.

President Biden and Senator Schumer endanger these children by failing to openly condemn the far-left organizations paying protesters to demonstrate in front of their homes. 

If someone is injured, Biden and Schumer will be solely accountable.