Biden Decided to Give His Long-Awaited Interview to a Comedian 


Biden’s desperate attempt to heal his everlastingly deteriorating approval rating has turned him to appear in a comedian’s interview.

The president is likely to be treated softly by the left-leaning interviewer who will help him in regaining his ratings. 

Biden’s Desperate Attempt to Heal His Ratings

Jimmy Kimmel, a comedian television host, will interview President Biden live on his show Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The meeting, which will start at 11:35 EST on June 8, will be the first interview of the president in the last 118 days.

Reportedly, this will be an attempt of President Biden to attract a significant base of emotional voters who could help him make some gains in the upcoming elections.

This live interview comes at a time when every media appearance of the president creates a new wave of controversies, due to his frequent gaffes.

So, this will be the first interview of Biden since he bashed his White House staff members for correcting him after every media appearance.

However, this is not the only attempt made by the president to tackle his dropping approval rating.

Previously, he blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin for increasing global inflation, but even this stunt did not work; his approval rating continued nosediving.

Likewise, the federal government also exploited the leaked document of the Supreme Court regarding the Roe vs. Wade abortion case, trying to divert people’s attention from pressing issues.

Though even after orchestrating nationwide protests, the government failed miserably to help Biden in bringing his approval ratings up.

According to a conservative blog Red State, Biden is trying to appear in a program that is designed for entertainment so he can be seen as a bit more likable.

Biden is Ready for Another Controversy

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany called Biden’s decision to appear in a comedian’s show a “bad choice.”

Speaking at Fox News, McEnany indicated Biden thinks the media is not covering him, which is due to the fact he tries to avoid the media in the first place.

Unlike Donald Trump, Biden does not do a lot of interviews. He avoids media questions in his press briefings, which keeps him away from the news most of the time.

Likewise, she asserted only Biden’s immediate family and some staff members of the White House are happy with the president’s economic performance.

Every other American has negative perceptions regarding the economy, according to almost every poll.

Kimmel is a declared leftist and an ardent supporter of Biden’s narrative. So, he is unlikely to ask any tough questions from Biden to help avoid any possible controversy.

Previously, he openly criticized conservative policies and crossed all the limits in his jokes.

While describing the COVID-related deaths in Florida, he called the children of the dead people “orphaned ferrets.”


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