Biden Absolutely Furious Trump Is Beating His Ratings


Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden is becoming increasingly furious because his ratings are sliding; he is clearly losing the popularity contest to President Trump.

Biden Now Yelling at Aides

Biden’s overt senility apparently doesn’t stand in the way of him getting mad that Trump is more popular with the American public; fresh reports on this matter come amid other embarrassing developments.

These include his chief caretaker and wife, Jill Biden, revealing bizarre details about their relationship fighting. Also, Sleepy Joe is rapidly hurtling towards the title of “most vacationing” president in US history.

Biden is now not just complaining about how Trump is more popular than him. Sleepy Joe is said to be especially enraged when people compare him to Jimmy Carter.

Carter was another very weak Democrat president, who presided over skyrocketing inflation before losing the election to President Ronald Reagan.

According to the sources cited in the report, Biden recently lost it and yelled viciously at his aides for failing to keep him in the loop about the scope of the baby formula crisis.

Apparently, Sleepy Joe only awakened to the severity of the baby formula shortage when cable TV reports were showcasing tearful young mothers unable to feed their kids.

Mind-Boggling That Biden Thinks He Deserves Higher Ratings

It seems somewhat surprising that Sleepy Joe keeps hoping for better ratings, considering how goods shortages, spiking inflation, and skyrocketing gas prices are devastating the well-being of American households.

Regardless of Biden’s evident failures, the Politico report still tries to find excuses for Sleepy Joe, even as it reveals he is fuming that Americans love Trump much more than him.

It quotes Barack Obama’s former press secretary, Robert Gibbs, as justifying the effects of the far-left plague.

Gibbs is now arguing that “a few previous presidents” also suffered from a situation in which “things happened” during their terms, for which they didn’t have a magic wand to fix.

Gibbs insisted the president has more “responsibility” than “tools” for answering various problems.

This is a proposition that paints quite an inaccurate picture of the Biden presidency so far;  it fully disregards Biden’s proactive moves that brought about crisis consequences.

According to the multiple polls average of FiveThirtyEight, Biden’s rating is at about 40%, while Trump’s stands at 41.6%.

In this average, however, Sleepy Joe’s popularity is likely overstated, considering how many polls used for the aggregate come from left-leaning pollsters with a pro-Democrat bias.

Meanwhile, a new poll by The Wall Street Journal and NORC released on Monday revealed that a whopping 83% of American adults view Biden’s economy as either “poor” or “not so good.”

There are only 27% of Americans saying they are confident they would be able to better their finances under the existing setup.

Against that backdrop, the picture of Empty Shelves Joe’s faltering popularity paints itself, especially considering the economic boom of the Trump years.



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