Andrew McCarthy Calls For Action Against Joe Biden and Son


Andrew McCarthy, a Fox News analyst and former federal prosecutor, has called on Attorney General Merrick Garland to designate a special counsel to examine the Biden family’s suspected criminality.

McCarthy claims the basis for an independent investigation is “bulletproof.” 

The Need For an Independent Probe

A letter to the editor published in The Hill on Thursday morning, written by McCarthy, who oversaw the federal prosecution of terrorists implicated in the 1993 World Trade Center attack, expressed his desire to see justice done.

Garland told the Senate earlier this week the Department of Justice handles the case and there is no need for an outside probe. 

In his letter, McCarthy stated the following:

“The undisputed truths are (a) there is still a bullet-proof case for the admission of a special counsel under legislation intended to bind the Justice Department and (b), if the shoe were on the other foot, Democrats would have no intention of caving into the demands of a Republican attorney general.” 

In a letter, McCarthy, publisher of the 2019 book “Ball of Collusion,” which outlines the Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy, claimed he “despises” the idea of an independent prosecutor.

However, in light of the mounting number of embarrassing disclosures from Hunter Biden’s now-authenticated laptop regarding murky international commerce, the Biden administration’s own Department of Justice must avoid interfering or being perceived as interfering in the investigation. 

Bank Transactions

As reported by CNN, the United States Attorney’s Office for the County of Delaware is actively investigating Hunter Biden.

He is being investigated for tax difficulties that may involve large, undisclosed transactions from foreign entities.

At the same time, his father served as vice president. David Weiss, the lead prosecuting attorney in the Delaware office, was appointed by then-President Trump and has served in that position since. 

“We placed the investigation in the hands of a Trump staffer from the prior government,” Garland told senators in testimony Tuesday.

“We put the independent inquiry into the hands of a Trump appointee from the prior government, the United States attorney for the district of Delaware,” Garland said. 

The assurances offered by Garland, according to McCarthy, are “speculative,” given that “millions of dollars have allegedly been pumped into the Biden family, not only the president’s son.”

These funds come from international entities tied to deeply corrupt governments (Kyiv, Kazakhstan, and Mexico), as well as authoritarian regimes hostile to the United States (Russia and China). 

Garland’s trustworthiness, McCarthy added, “is not in question. Because of the disagreement and the straightforward implementation of the regulation, the situation is no longer in the hands of the attorney general.”

We believe having a lawyer from outside the president’s own Justice Department oversee the probe of the president’s son and maybe the president’s behavior is in the public interest.” 

According to McCarthy, the longer Biden’s attorney general battles that truth, the more it looks suspicious that the president’s hands may not be completely clean.


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