Americans Refueling at Petrol Station in Mexico


    Prescription drugs aren’t the only things that can be bought for less in Mexico.

    Automobiles in border areas are now flocking south to fill their tanks as a result of a price surge that erstwhile President Trump referred to as “unlimited.”

    Surge in Business From Across the Border

    The national average gas price, according to AAA, is $4.33 per gallon today, with rates in California reaching as high as $7 per gallon.

    According to ABC10 News in San Diego, the price in Mexico is between $3 and $4 a pound. Prices in Juarez, Mexico, which is just across the frontier from El Paso, Texas, are $3 a gallon.

    The El Paso Times reported, “we’re near El Paso, and yes, we have seen more businesses and more people with Texas registration plates.”

    “We’ve seen more visitors, more individuals having Houston license plates,” Rivas added. The trip to acquire cheaper petrol, on the other hand, is not without its disadvantages.

    Vehicles in California should expect to wait in line for nearly an entire day to return over the border, while El Paso drivers can expect to wait up to three hours on Saturdays and Sundays.

    High Gas Owing to the Democrats?

    Gas was $2 or less throughout the whole four years that Donald Trump was in the White House, according to a Yahoo Finance reader who wrote in.

    “Tell me why gas prices went through the ceiling under the Clinton administration, the Obama administration, and now the Biden administration.”

    “Consider the fact that throughout George W. Bush’s tenure as president, petrol prices averaged approximately $1.50 per gallon.”

    With 18 cents in federal taxes and extra levies from numerous states, notably 51 cents in California, taxation at the pump in the United States is a major source of aggravation.

    California Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom has suggested the concept of a gas refund. However, Republican lawmakers in the state want something more significant: a stop to the taxes on gas, at least for the time being.

    The Biden presidency has blamed the gas price surge on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine; although prices have been steadily rising since Trump stepped down from the White House last January.

    In January 2021, the average price of gasoline was $2.25 per gallon.

    “They’re going limitless right now,” Trump said in response to a question on gas costs from Fox News. “You’re not even able to project. It may go in any direction. It has the potential to go on indefinitely.”

    In the end, the Biden administration has failed woefully in curtailing gas prices and Americans are becoming very impatient. If things do not change for the better soon, the Democratic party will pay the price in the midterms.

    Still, the White House continues to come out with one excuse after the next.


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