Americans Are NOT Agreeing With This Radical Agenda

More Americans than ever are disconnecting themselves from the radical agenda of progressive Democratic politicians, due to their highly controversial stances.

This time, Americans overwhelmingly rejected far-left gender ideology on various issues, thus ringing alarm bells for Democrats.

Americans Vote Against Radical Left Agenda

One of the most prominent, radical plans of the Biden administration is to include “gender identity” in the definition of “sex.”

For this, the administration would need to make a change in Title IX, which is being perceived negatively by a major chunk of Americans.

According to a survey by an education advocacy group YouGov, 63% of Americans have opposed this radical plan.

So, only 37% of Americans said they wanted to change the “traditional biological definition,” of sex as proposed by progressives.

Similarly, Americans are also aiming to save women’s sports by not letting transgenders compete with them.

Thus, an overwhelming 71% of Americans stated they do not want to see biological men participate in female sports, while only 29% supported this agenda. 

Most Americans also rejected the notion that parents should be disenfranchised from school decisions to give students politically-motivated counseling for gender dysphoria.

Almost 61% of Americans insisted parents’ approval should be required for any such approach, while only 39% thought no parental approval should be needed in this regard. 

In addition to that, nearly 69% of Americans established parents should have the authority to let their children not attend sex education classes. Though only 31% of people said parents should not intervene in this type of issue.

All of the things on which Americans voted against far-left ideology are currently hot-button issues in the United States.

For instance, the inclusion of biological males in women’s games has been widely discussed since a transgender named Lia Thomas won a women’s swimming competition.

Similarly, radical leftists are also campaigning to increase schools’ authority to teach children about changing their genders. 

Biden Has Gone Mad

The administration has gone to the extent of planning to curb lunch funding of K-12 classrooms, which are not adopting radical measures.

According to the executive director of Fight for Schools, Ian Prior, Biden is explicitly telling schools if they are not willing to teach students as per his wish, he will snatch the lunch funding from them.

Calling it a “terrifying” approach, Prior asserted the administration should never go this far for political gains.

In order to make the country this radical, Biden is getting inspired by his former boss, Barack Obama, who set the tone for current circumstances during his presidential tenures.

For instance, Obama first changed the legal definition of sex by including gender identity.

However, Trump reversed the measure to save America from misery. Though now, the Biden administration is once again striving to make people suffer by changing the definition.