Vernon Jones Claims Only He Can Beat Stacey Abrams in Georgia

Vernon Jones, a candidate for governor of Georgia, says he’s in the right direction of the conservative movement. Jones used to be a Democrat state delegate.

Last year, he decided to switch to the Republican Party after being a big supporter of former President Trump’s reelection bid in Georgia. In April, he tried to run against Republican Gov. Brian Kemp in a long-shot primary.

Power Belongs to the People

Jones told Fox News on Monday that folks understand he has been a strong supporter of Donald Trump and the United States First agenda. Hours later, former Sen. David Perdue also entered the Republican gubernatorial race.

Trump endorsed Perdue’s gubernatorial campaign just hours after Jones’ interview, which was bad news for him.

It was Trump’s way of saying Perdue isn’t frightened of the radical left. As for Stacey Abrams, he said Perdue is the only contender in Georgia who can defeat her in 2022.

Regardless of whether the former president backs Perdue, Jones said he is in it to win it, so he’ll do what he needs to do. Jones said he also understands someone can win this election if the people of Georgia back them and that’s where his attention is.

So, he disagreed with Trump. However, Jones said only Trump can keep the Republican Party together, get them excited about voting in record numbers, and also get a large part of the minority community to vote for him over Stacey Abrams.

This is the second time Abrams has run for governor. She is a shining star in the Democrat Party and a voting rights advocate. Joe Biden even considered her as a 2020 running mate.

In 2018, she became the first African-American woman to run for governor of a major political party. Nevertheless, at the time, she lost by a small margin to Republican Governor Brian Kemp.

Perdue Following Jones’ Footsteps

Jones told reporters he was quite pleased to see Perdue is following his example and vowing to get rid of the state income tax, which was what Perdue said he wants to do.

Adding that Perdue hasn’t talked about election integrity, Jones said he sincerely hopes Perdue will follow his example because Perdue did the same thing when he called for an audit.

Georgia’s twin Jan. 5 runoffs failed to elect Perdue, a former CEO who was elected to the Senate in 2014. Jon Ossoff, a Democrat, won by a narrow margin. Raphael Warnock also managed to beat Kelly Loeffler, giving the Democrats control of the United States Senate.

Jones said David Perdue took two nibbles at the peach and spent more than $97 million, but he couldn’t beat a no-name like Jon Ossoff. Jones then asked what makes Perdue believe he can defeat Stacey Abrams?